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Published on Dec 08, 2019


We left Riverdale during a tumultuous Feast of Thanksgiving in the episode last week – our review HERE – where Archie had had to deal with the dangerous family of the Dodger during the banquet held at the Recreation Center and culminated with a dangerous drive-by that had almost cost the life of the mother.

Also Jughead and Betty had had their work cut out to do at the Stonewall. Determined more than ever to solve the mystery linked to the suicide of Mr. Chipping, with the tenacity of the investigators that characterizes them, were able to derive the “truth” of a Woman, and Bret: Chipping had forced the girl to a relationship, which had led to exhaustion.

Finally, Toni and Cheryl got rid of the intrusive family Blossom by making them believe you have eaten the corpse of his uncle Bedford!

This week's episode, entitled In Treatment, puts, ideally, from these narrative strands, returning instead to the one of the mysterious videotapes with the images of the house of the town, shooting from the outside left off several episodes ago.

This stress factor, it also adds to the one related to the letters of admission to the college that the seniors are starting to receive. Having between the hands a powder keg ready to explode the dean asks the psychologist of the school, Ms Burble to be available to all.

The protagonists begin their slow but inexorable carousel. Betty and mother collide on the refusal of Yale, Archie confesses to his obsession vigilantismo and to ensure that the town is a safe place for all, while Cheryl confesses to still talk with the dead brother not having processed all the grief.

Even the Jug, which technically is no longer a student of Riverdale High, ends up in front of Ms Burble in-depth analysis of the oddities of the Stonewall.

The only one that seems to get a positive response from the college is Veronica, who is admitted to Harvard, but the truth is another, and behind it there is obviously the father.

In a manner that was as sudden as it is effective, Riverdale, pulls out of the hat one of those episode are “different,” and startling that series is distinguished from the rest of the productions of this kind.

All of the narrative strands, all the protagonists and their stories – not always to outline concrete and detailed this season – are put under the magnifying glass and deconstructed thanks to the convenient character of the psychologist of the school.

Here, then, anxieties, fears, anger, and misunderstandings are concrete and the protagonists lose their aura of fiction becoming the “voice” of the feelings often repressed teens of any generation.

The screenplay is effective because you still able to mediate this unusual approach to bring back, in the final part of the episode, the attention immediately on the main characters, showing how they have been psicanalizzati their nature is inescapable, see Archie or Veronica even before Jughead and Betty and their investigation.

In Treatment pulls so ideally a line waiting for the christmas break next week, giving new life to the narrative strands leading now more concrete and less smoky but more anchored to the state of mind of the four. A mouth of fresh air after a few episodes less precise.

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