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Published on Nov 24, 2019


The episode of the last week of Riverdale – our review HERE – it fell without a shadow of a doubt in the category of the so-called “episodes of passage” that is, those necessary to give substance to a series of suggestions open narrative and very much in the definition phase.

At the beginning of the fourth season showrunner and writers had “separate” ideally, the four protagonist by running their roads parallel narratives that had undergone a decisive turning last week.

Jughead had witnessed the suicide of Mr Chips, his professor at the Stonewall, after having suggested that his grandfather was actually the author of the first story of the successful series of the Baxter Brothers uncovering so maybe a conspiracy made up of secret societies, offspring, and millions of dollars. Betty had made almost convincing by the half-brother Charles on the gene inheritance of a serial killer, only to then discover that Charles is still in contact with Chic!

Even Cheryl had to deal with the unexpected visit of his distant relatives decided to sell the industry of maple syrup and that, at the refusal of the girl were gone the hard way with a aggression on the part of his uncle Bedford the finished good is only thanks to the providential intervention of Tones.

Veronica was once again betrayed by her mother back in the arms of the father, now a candidate for mayor. Archie was still dealing with the problems of his youth centre when he found the Dodger, the thug that had annoyed him and his boys, beaten to death at the door of the gym.

This week's episode, titled The Ice Storm, throws us on the eve of Thanksgiving day. Hiram Lodge became mayor, elected without an opponent, and this increase contrasts with FP.

Betty decides to spend Thanksgiving with Jughead at the Stonewall to investigate together on the suicide of Chipping. The two are not the only students left, and with the tenacity of the investigators that distinguishes them are able to derive the “truth” of a Woman, and Bret: maybe Chipping was not the victim of a conspiracy but the executioner.

Archie decides to organize the Thanksgiving to the leisure centre experiencing the unexpected visit of the family of the Dodger.

Cheryl and Toni get rid of the family Blossom with a macabre trick assisted by Nana.

The Ice Storm continues in the street, taken in the previous episode, to the realization of the many narrative strands are opened by exploiting intelligently the theme of Thanksgiving and drawing on pienissime hands from the component to the drama, and the often overly grotesque that marked some of the passages of the previous seasons – see the horror of the narrative of Cheryl and Tones in this episode in particular.

Betty and Jughead are digging to the bottom of a conspiracy that finally begins to tease the spectator shuffling the cards on the table while the city develops a new dynamic between Hiram and FP back in the employ of a man but is more willing than ever to give him a hard time.

The problems of Archie and his recreation center instead of hiding what is likely to be one of the narrative strands that will explode in the course of the next few episodes that is the possibility that behind the mask of the Dark Duke, - there is Archie as we had been led to believe.

There is definitely a lot of meat to the fire in Riverdale now you only need to bring it to the right cooking.

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