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Published on Nov 14, 2019


After the episode theme dedicated to Halloween, with the episode of last week – our review HERE – Riverdale was concentrated in supporting the best of the many strands immediately opened in this first part of the fourth season, bringing them forward in a very parallel and entrusting them to the four protagonists.

Archie was now busy in the carrying out of his own gym, El Royale as a youth centre in the face of the thug Dodger and his gang who recruits young kids, Veronica had dealt with the processes of the parents that rocambolescamente but not without the usual misconduct were released.

Jughead had begun to argue in his personal war to the Stonewall Prep, catching the ball, putting himself finally show off and be found ready to participate in a literary competition for writing, as a ghost-writer, the next is the story of the Baxter's Brother – in his series of short stories for children favorite. Betty on her part, after you realized you still have the famous gene of a serial killer, he had decided to investigate the half-brother James.

From these four major narrative strands starts this week's episode entitled Hereditary.

Hiram Lodge, and Penelope are free but their the one, and that of Veronica, is far from completed. As always, will be the man the needle of the balance in the events of the family and not only finding almost immediately a weak link and punzecchiando at the right point for the daughter.

Archie should always manage the Dodger and his trying a different approach to attract the kids and keep them away from the streets, floundered, however, inevitably conflict.

Jughead, meanwhile, has writer's block and begins to be obsessed by the books of the Baxter Brothers, convincing himself that his grandfather may have been one of the ghost-writer of the series, discovering a conspiracy, perhaps, bigger than him.

The investigation of the Betty on the half-brother instead brings to surface old episodes that involve even Chic!

Surprisingly, Cheryl has a lot to think about, and it isn't his alleged third twin brother that has a doll as her family and a surprise is in Thistlehouse trying to acquire the company of family.

Hereditary tries to give a steering decided to the various narrative strands, giving them coherence and substance, or reporting them to those stylistic features typical of the series.

The operation succeeds in half and thanks to some unexpected twist towards the end of the episode involving the Dodger, Mister Chipping and Chic while the return of Hiram Lodge, which is the best antagonist in the series and continues to have, gives the first part of that sense of apparent calm that he had often saved the series in previous seasons.

The intent of the script is evident, that is, to show how the four protagonists can neither escape their heritage nor to their character having to deal with the consequences, which become more and more important.

The feeling is that for this fourth season, showrunner and writers are still trying to square the circle experimenting with various solutions of the story that in this episode, perhaps better than in the previous turn out to be more “family”. Ultimately, however, we are still far from the best form of Riverdale, and the various mysteries and conspiracies still need to make the right outlet.

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