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Published on Nov 07, 2019


In the episode last week – our review HERE – we had a Halloween nightmare in Riverdale.

Jughead had been the victim of a bad joke at Stonewall's Prep coming locked up in a coffin, Veronica had escaped for a breath of a dangerous patient escaped from the nearby psychiatric hospital, who had snuck from Pop's and Archie had had to face the band of Dodger who had tried to burst in the gym where there was a party for the kids of the neighborhood.

Who, however, if the was vista worse was Betty. The girl in fact had been the victim of some bad telephone scams in which he was imitated the voice of the Black Hood. Only the providential intervention of her brother James had managed to solve the mystery: it was Polly from the hospital.

The bet was then closed your with James, who ominously took notes on her sister... what hides in the FBI agent?

In Witness for the Prosecution, Betty decides to accept the proposal of her brother to enter in the program of the FBI for the students but this obviously brings to the surface his fears of having the so-called “gene of a serial killer”. Archie has instead embraced in toto his role as a vigilante trying to keep the guys in the gym and out of trouble but the results are not encouraging.

Veronica finds himself between the hammer and anvil. The processes of the parents are at the door and the father does not fail to pull another cheap shot to the mother also from the cell.

Jughead faces another challenge at the Stonewall Prep discovering that prof. Chipping is the ghostwriter of one of his series of books for boys favorite that is incredibly connected to his grandfather who, as we know, is also the one who went to the Stonewall. The attention on the Jug are obviously jealous Bret that doesn't save yet another low blow.

While Hiram Lodge is released from prison, only after an incredible encounter between Veronica and a mysterious private investigator, James confesses to Betty also had the infamous gene and the girl instead of leaving the program decides to redirect its energies to discover why his brother, despite having concluded the investigation on the Farm, has remained in Riverdale.

The episode concludes with yet another, short scene prolessi in which Betty, Veronica and Archie are arrested for the murder of Jughead!

Witness for the Prosecution is an obvious passing episode where showrunner and writers seek to expand the trend of the horizons in narrative of this fourth season.

What is lacking, however, is a bit of consistency and unanimity. The four protagonists, in fact, interact very little with one another, and the events seem to be disconnected enough to not be able to create a rhythm that will keep you really glued to the viewer as done very well in the first two season and wide is in the third.

This is not a bad episode but the whole is managed in the most classic style of Riverdale but the feeling is always that that there is something missing, and that this season is still progressing a bit with the hand brake pulled.

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