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Published on Oct 31, 2019


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Riverdale has closed, albeit perhaps a bit hasty, the plot of the Farm that was the state of the carrier in the last season with the death of Edgar by the hand of Alice Cooper after Betty had run to save seeing the situation in precipitate haste.

In the city meanwhile, Archie and Veronica had managed the situation related to the decision of the guy to turn the gym into a youth centre, attracting also the attention of a small group of thugs that Archie himself had faced a weapon of a baseball bat.

Jughead had faced the first day at Stonewall Prep finendone immediately catapulted in the games of powers and psychological, and in contrast with the arrogant buddy Bret.

It is Halloween in Riverdale. The city faces absently the new mystery tied to a series of video tapes that are delivered to the case to various citizens only containing hours of footage of their homes.

Archie is determined to carry forward his idea and decided to give a Halloween party in the gym ruined by the arrival of Dodger and his goons. Toni needs to handle the discovery that Cheryl converse with the corpse of his brother and how much he can convince her to bury him, and strange things begin to occur in the home: according to Nana Rose this is all the fault of the twin, the third, born to Cheryl and Jason who became a doll.

Jughead is the victim of a bad joke on the Stonewall, leaving Betty alone at home which is hounded on the phone by someone who pretends to be the Black Hood. It will be the providential intervention of his half-brother Charles to help the girl to understand where they are coming from the phone calls.

While at the gym, the situation worsened, Veronica receives the visit of an unwelcome client from Pop's. Jughead is “liberated”... the final scene is a macabre prolessi his destiny.

In the course of the past three season, Riverdale has accustomed us to great events and theme this Halloween, the fourth episode of the fourth season, is no less, despite not being as punctual as its predecessors.

The episode lives of quotations more or less obvious – Halloween, The Conjuring, Scream, and even DC with Toni and Cheryl dressed as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – moving, tense as a great horror thanks to a direction that is punctual and well-paced that covers any step is not perfect, the screenplay.

The script is perhaps a little too frantic trying to follow too many of the narrative strands what that penalizes a little bit the usability of the episode that sometimes it is a bit erratic.

In the top of references and citations, however, there is also time to put some element of future developments, the video anonymous and the future of Jughead increasingly tied to the Stonewall and unexpectedly – or maybe not – the role of Charles.

Ultimately, Halloween is an episode that exploits its tematicità to start building in a solid way the main plots of this fourth season, leaving behind many of those of the previous season. That has been lacking perhaps this episode was a pinch more of cleverness and personality.

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