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Published on Oct 27, 2019


The episode of last week had marked the beginning of the last school year for Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Archie, with some significant changes – our review HERE.

Not only a new principal at Riverdale High has changed decidedly the scheme at the school, but Archie has started to recover, slowly, from the sudden death of his father while Veronica has to manage the siege of the journalists now that the processes of the parents approach.

The most drastic changes, however, are those that dealt with Betty and Jughead. Jug, in fact, was recruited by the prestigious Stonewall Prep, a private school aimed at those who show particular aptitude for writing, and although reluctant, the boy has agreed to move to the pushed just by Betty.

The girl is in the midst of the investigation on Edgar and the Farm together with his brother Charles. After you have located the cult thanks to the help of Kevin, the two must move quickly to counterattack because it would seem that Edgar and her are about to make some gesture rash that may involve the mother and all the innocent brainwashed.

In this third episode entitled " Dog Day Afternoon, the our will have a lot to do. Archie is more willing than ever to transform the gym into a youth centre and with the help of Veronica tries to collect the necessary funds.

Jug face the first official day of the Stonewall Prep starting to move in a new reality diametrically opposed to that of the Riverdale High: all the warn Bret.

Betty is in it up to their necks in the survey. Edgar, however, has discovered to be localized and begins to do the most classic of requests to arrange an escape sure. The girl, as usual, will take in hand the situation going to the rescue of the mother.

Tones instead discovers to her horror that Cheryl keeps her brother Jason, or rather what remains of it, in the family chapel.

Dog Day Afternoon is an episode that serves as a showrunner and writers to shore up the new status quo of a few characters, and close, perhaps only momentarily, some of the narrative strands with a script more useful than “beautiful” and a direction that is timely and orderly.

Archie and Veronica are examples of the first aspect with the guy back to the characterization by “good guy”, which was the pivot of the first two seasons, and was a little lost last year, losing decisively to stain some of the events that had involved. The girl decides to change the name of breaking away from the shadow of his father and highlighting once again as one of the peculiarities of his character is the search of an identity that is strong and personal.

Jughead and Betty are going ahead with the second aspect mentioned above.

With the transfer to the Stonewall Prep, Jug brings forward a narrative that is completely new, although not extremely original, that could strengthen the side mystery in the series. Betty closes, perhaps a little hastily compared to the centrality had last season, the trend of the Farm-opening of another with the delivery of a mysterious video tape on the door of the house.

Object really mysterious this early in the season, however, is the narrative linked to Cheryl present in the last two episodes, even with quite marked, but for the moment without a clear direction.

In short, this third episode is set up as a solid episode of step in view of future developments.

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