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Published on Oct 12, 2019


We left Riverdale with the season finale of the third season – our review HERE – discover on one side the true deus ex machina of the conspiracy of the Gargoyle King, or Penolope Blossom and surprise the son, Jason – and on the other to see vanish into thin air the mysterious Farm, a cover for the trafficking of organs illegal, while Hiram Lodge had been stuck on leaving, perhaps permanently, from the games.

The season was at the end of the day managed to be consistent without fear of the recover items from the past seasons while highlighting some step to empty probably due to the excessive number of episodes.

The season press of this the fourth season, entitled In Memoriam opens with the summer in the city, and the preparations for the 4th of July parade. The new air of peace and tranquility was unfortunately interrupted by a new tragedy: Fred Andrews was hit and died.

Archie is of course devastated and a nightmare in which appear the grandfather convinces him to retrieve the body of his father.

The guy not only has to relive the tragedy, also meeting the woman that your father has saved you by becoming invest, but will also meet the man who has invested: the truth about the incident, however, will not have to deal neither with conspiracy nor with disturbing mysteries.

The return to town it will be so bitter-sweet and punctuated by the obituary written by the expert hands of Jughead.

There is little to do when showrunner and writers focus without too many frills and plot convulsive on the emotional side crafting rarely episodes trivial, and thus showing how Riverdale is a series is a cut above the average of the other drama, and teen drama.

In Memoriam is an episode delicate, profound, simple. A celebration of mourning that has hit the series with the death, sudden, Luke Perry, but who can also dig into the concept itself, offering a universal vision.

The life of Fred Andrews then live on in the memories of the protagonists and in the intention of Archie to honor it by becoming a better man while the four young actors provide a test uppercase paying a tribute to the veteran actor that has accompanied them in the three previous seasons.

Also noteworthy is the guest star of exception or Shannon Doherty – Brenda Beverly Hills, 90210 – with a small cameo that reform, although ideally, one of the couples in this historical TV of the ’90s.

The episode is obviously far from those that were the items left pending from the end of last season – the sequence in prolessi with the disappearance of Jughead – but not for this less effective, and right from the start to the season, in a solemn manner, and incisive.

In this sense, the episode would seem also to mark a clear turning point with respect to the characterizations, especially of Archie, of the past season, which often had seemed a bit forced. It remains to be seen now how will we handle this the fourth season in terms of pace and structure as the previous one, in terms of mini-arcs, it had gone very well suffering on the long distance. The expectations remain high.

A season premiere that will get some tear and testifies to the authenticity of the series.

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