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Published on May 16, 2019


We had left Riverdale the last week with an episode that had ended in a dramatic and bitter – our review HERE.

Dramatic because Betty had finally discovered what was really behind The Farm or the trafficking of organs of which had apparently been a victim along with Cheryl because of an attempt to escape awkward that he had brought only to the liberation of Tone almost ended up under the knife.

Harsh to Archie, who after helping Veronica to trap the father, demonstrating that, in its properties you were committing illegal activities, he wasn't able to confess his feelings by discovering in the company of Reggie.

But it was certainly one of Jughead, the revelation is more puzzling. After you have saved Ethel from the clutches of the followers of the Gargoyle King, the girl had confessed his impossible identity: Jason Blossom!

From here, return to the events of the twenty-second episode, the season finale of the third season of Riverdale, entitled sibillinamente Survive the Night.

Toni enlists the help of Penelope Blossom that seems to know the illegal activities of Edgar and went to the Farm for free... Betty?!

While Jughead continues his investigation to unravel the mystery about the “resurrection” of Jason, he himself along with Archie and Veronica receive a mysterious invitation. Come to the house of Penelope the three meet Betty, safe and sound, and sitting “quietly” at dinner to the lady of the house listen to the evil plan of the woman, which includes Black Hood and the Gargoyle King, who finally reveals his true face.

Four guys from the nightmare, however, is far from finished. The woman has organised a mad man hunting in the woods surrounding his property, a last series of quest mortals.

While the guys try to survive, the Farm “disappears” taking in the city and the FBI agent with a very special. In the meantime, Hiram makes his final move towards this time of the wife.

A “quiet” summer awaits our but one last disturbing scene in prolessi ec shows them during the spring break of the following year...

For this season finale showrunner and writers do what they have always been able to do more with the series or create an episode tense, full of revelation and with one eye already protest to the next season.

Survive the Night revolves around the revelation of the true deus ex-machina of all the events of this year, a revelation really unexpected that it is played all in all in a credible way, by leveraging on the theme of fanaticism that was facing a different declination – personal and not – during the season.

Great credit goes to showrunner and writers to not have had fear in the retrieve items from the past season that have given definitely a sense of greater completeness to the events, avoiding “holes” and thus to give a new status quo, not so much to the four protagonists as the characters “child”, one in all of Hiram Lodge.

The episode then finds its climax in the final, anticipating the mystery of the upcoming season is a nod, once again, the eye to the teen cinema.

If you are already in the past season had shown a certain degree of suffering in the series, caused mainly by the number, perhaps, excessive episodes, Riverdale 3 shows how the series works better on the short distance. If I examined the series in the mini narrative arcs his path would be excellent, unfortunately, however, some filler too, and some obvious step a blank with scripts't always up to have penalized long-distance. We are certainly above the average but the showrunner have to work to make everything more fluid and enjoyable.

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