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Published on May 09, 2019


Last week we witnessed a weaving more and more marked among the events that involve the Gargoyle King, and the Farm – our review of the episode HERE.

Betty and Jughead had in fact decided, or were in any way obliged, to converge their investigations up to that time performed in a more or less parallel, using the school dance as a bait for the Gargoyle King.

However, the situation was rapidly precipitated because of the escape of Hal Cooper, the father of Betty, or the Black Hood. The girl had been attacked in the hallway of the school and had fled to the broken of the headphone. The aggression had finally pushed to accept the “hospitality” of the Farm.

The reunion of Veronica and Archie is now palpable, so much so, that the girl has confessed to having discovered that neither pops nor The Bonne Nuit are actually his property. The father with one of his usual machinations had been keeping the actual possession of the two premises.

From here it resumes this week's episode, the penultimate of the third season, titled The Dark Secret of Harvest House.

As was his custom, after having learned of the machinations of the father, Veronica started to counterattack, asking, of course, aid to Archie and his mother. The plan is relatively simple: fit the father testifying that in its properties you commit crimes. To do that, so you concocted a trap irresistible to the man who is challenged in the ring by Archie... as soon as the voice begins to circulate, leave immediately bets that Veronica decides to accept The Bonne Nuit.

Betty moved to the Farm after he began to experience the first practical therapeutic of Edgar. Initially disoriented, the girl learns first tricks of the man and then makes a gruesome discovery that sheds finally light on the purposes of the sect.

Jughead meanwhile, on the outside tries to unravel the mystery of the Gargoyle King to discover that the players of G&G are slowly decimated by the Black Hood. The first to be saved, it is Ethel who confesses the impossible identity of the Gargoyle King.

Archie and Hiram Lodge climb in the ring. The confrontation will be brutal, but the Veronica seems to be having success. However, their rapprochement undergoes a sudden braking.

After a few weeks of relative calm, perhaps some of them too, Riverdale, begins to converge all his plots for the season finale next week giving them the substance that perhaps was missing in more than one step during this third season.

In a single stroke with The Dark Secret of Harvest House, the Farm, the element used in the manner of ups and downs during the season, takes finally the precise connotations and its threat finally the more concrete and more easily understandable”.

Same speech, maybe even more meaningful, you can do it for the Gargoyle King whose plot is too mind-bending, and never too defined, suffers a sudden boom with the surprise revelation of the identity of the person behind his mask, a revelation that linked in spirit with this season to the first.

There is also space to the side more teen series with Archie and Veronica and their sub-plot, which is the side to that of Hiram Lodge very close to take control of the town. If the comparison in the ring is a metaphor not so subtle relationship between the man and Archie, the non-convergence final between the two boys certainly adds pepper to the episode next week.

We just have to wait 7 days for a final that promises to be, a bit of a surprise, crackling.

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