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Published on May 02, 2019


The very strong episode last week in Riverdale had definitely marked a turning point in the end of the season – our review HERE.

From one side, with a decided flick of the tail, the threat of Gladys Jones had been eradicated by the return of the Gargoyle King, who had not hesitated to attack the first person the family Jones abducting the little Jellybean, and involving first-person Jughead in his research.

Betty had tried the last assault on the Farm but had been literally encircled by its members, leaving perhaps definitively any pretensions of exposing the cult.

Archie had been forced to defend from accusations of having killed an opponent in the ring, and it was re-introduced to Veronica because of the decision of Josie leaving on a tour with the father.

Especially the story of Archie, seemingly disconnected from the rest, were served to bring the first floor of the Hiram Lodge as a mysterious deus ex machina of the events.

The episode finally ended with a note of drama: Hal Cooper, one unlikely ally of Betty against the Farm, was finally managed to be transferred to the new prison of Hiram Lodge, but his van had a terrible accident.

With Hal, the apparently dead returning to the events of the episode this week is titled Prom Night.

Betty is convinced that the incident is an elaborate plan of the father for an escape and begins a new investigation that is intertwined with that of the Jug, tied it once again at the Gargoyle King.

While approaching the evening of the dance school, Archie is more willing than ever to ramp up his career as a boxer and with the help of Veronica, whose rapprochement is now clear and even contrary to the opinion of the mother who wishes for him a future more concrete.

Betty and Jughead in the meantime, they decide to take advantage of the ball to trap the Gargoyle King, but the result will be very different and will bring Betty to make an important decision regarding their farm.

Veronica, instead, he confessed to Archie a amazing truth about the father, about pops and about The Bonne Nuit.

Prom Night is an important event in view of the final two episodes that location for a performance not fully effective and the pace definitely sobbing.

The episode evidently wants to put the focus on the plots related to the Farm and to the Gargoyle King with a mode that the series has used in an excellent way or depistando the viewer with clues that are false on the various mysteries that are the main theme of the plots.

This approach finds its fulfillment in the final sequence, which pays import duty also to some slasher movie ’80s at the level of the direction, but especially in the incredible decision to Betty.

With regard to Archie and Veronica, instead, their rapprochement is played using the boxing as an excellent “filler” during the episode and leaving the bomb, or the confession of Veronica, for the final. It must be said that compared to the past, this revelation is nearly concealed, and yet, at least judging from what we have seen last week, may be the key.

With just two episodes to the terms, the final of this third season of Riverdale you configure more and more like a final cliffhanger in the view of the fourth, and already confirmed, season. It remains to be seen if the solution will be at least satisfactory.

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