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Published on Apr 25, 2019


The restart of the last week of Riverdale has not been certainly characterized by a gloss, nor of the plot nor of the director. In this last part of the season showrunner and writers seem to want to focus on two narrative strands parallel to each other and if we are complementary: on the one hand the Farm and the other from the Fizzle Rocks, and the return of the Gargoyle King.

For the first we had seen as the attempts of Betty to obtain information on Edgar and the cult were miserably shipwrecked also because the mother, now entered into the good graces of the leader, is ready to become the companion to all the effects.

For the second Archie had finished his despite in the midst of illicit trafficking when his opponent in the ring, sponsored by Helium – rival, Veronica, had finished the carpet because of the abuse of illicit substances. More the one that technically should handle the traffic, Gladys Jones, has lost control of the situation: the Gargoyle King has kidnapped Jellybean.

From here it resumes this week's episode titled emphatically Fear the Reaper.

After you have tried the approach of his chest against Edgar, Betty decides to investigate on Evelyn discovers that the girl has infiltrated other schools to recruit teenagers. To avoid also that the leader adopts his grandchildren, Betty, uses an unusual alliance with the aunt, the mother of Cheryl, thanks to which it manages to get a “victory,” albeit partial.

Archie has to defend himself from the accusations mounted against him by the same Helium as the family, Jones is reluctantly forced to play a perverse game of G&G to save Jellybean. Gladys is forced to confess to be back to Riverdale to take on the control of illegal trafficking.

For Betty, who for Gladys looming important decisions.

As has already happened in the past, Riverdale, displays the best of itself when, after having built, in a way that is not always brilliant, start to pull the sums of the plots and clues scattered in the course of the episodes, and Fear the Reaper is the glaring demonstration.

The episode moves stretched between Betty and the Farm and Jug, and the Gargoyle King by using Archie as an interesting “diversion” rifocillando also plots the romance in the series.

Certainly the narrative of the Farm takes an important turn, not so much for the revelations about Evelyn, but rather about the twist involving Betty, who finds himself surrounded and almost at the center of a conspiracy.

The Gargoyle King hangs rather heavily riproponendosi once again as the villain of the season, a liquidating Gladys Jones, whose narrative arc was short but incisive.

These two aspects come together ideally in the events of Archie who, apparently unrelated, find their raison d'etre in return bully in the first line of the Hiram Lodge, once again, dark deus ex machina of city events.

In the light of as seen this week, we find ourselves as showrunner and the writers, after cleverly removing every suspicion from the Gargoyle King, will be able to justify it to the end of the season, and especially if the link just in Hiram Lodge.

Also noteworthy is the exit of the scenes of Josie in an impeccable manner – connected to his musical background – and that shows Archie inevitably in the radar of Veronica for a very clear backfire.

Riverdale seems to be ready to run the final episodes!

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