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Published on Apr 18, 2019


We left Riverdale, about three weeks ago with an episode – our review HERE – which was presented in a manner all in all convincing that the series “the mystical” that had characterized the first part of this third season, but with an air of much more decided on mainly because it had managed to blend in an organic way, the two great opposing forces that seem to gnaw at the small town. From the one hand the Farm and the other in that of the drug headed to Gladys Jones, and implemented materially by the Gargoyles.

In particular, the attempt by Betty to discover the real intention of Edgar and of his cult were culminated with the input of Cheryl among the followers of the Farm, while Archie and Jughead, who had attacked the shop, they had received a bitter gift of warning: a tooth of the Baby Teeth. The boy was later found dead, the pose of the ritual, by FP in the woods.

By this macabre discovery recall the events of the episode this week titled Jawbreaker. Betty and Jug lead in parallel with their investigations: the first one discovers that the mother claims to be able to speak, thanks to the teachings of the Farm, with the son dead as well as Cheryl with her brother; any attempt to dissuaderle fails.

Jug together with his father, must cope with the arrival on the streets of an enhanced version of the fizzle rocks, and along a track, the two will meet in a boxing tournament in memory of Baby Teeth in which you are involved, even Archie. Who will be the new mysterious pushers and especially the new Gargoyle King?

The Riverdale is a resumption that moves slowly on the safe ground of what has been done before the break. In Jawbreaker, giving much space to the Farm and to the blow that is inflicting on Betty and Toni, respectively, since they are involved with the mother of the first and Cheryl.

The writers travel a bit between the mystery and a bit’ in the drama but in reality they don't add much than has so far been discovered on the mysterious cult taking away precious minutes and the investigation of the FP and Jughaed – not brilliant you have to admit it – that undergoes a surge right in the end.

The version “enhanced” the Fizzle Rocks, in fact, impact from a side, the return to the ring of Archie with a dramatic ending, which may throw again, in trouble the boy and the other involves the family Jones and, in particular, the small Jellybean.

The intent was obvious, or fold the cards on the table, shifting the focus from Gladys Jones, who was the candidate strongly in the last few episodes to the main antagonist. The return to the scene of the Gargoyle King, however, is not as punchy – not as an antagonist he's ever really been in the course of this third season – as in the intentions of the writers and the showrunner.

Not to take off the episode also contribute to a direction that is not particularly brilliant, and some of the solutions narrative have already been used, even recently, while proving to be valid have not helped to keep high the attention.

Riverdale must definitely change to a higher gear for the final season.

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