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Published on Mar 28, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – was the annual episode in which music students of Riverdale High had staged the musical Heathens. Like every year, this episode puts the spotlight one of the most teen series and, in particular, last week the boys were forced to get naked, under the influence of Evelyn, thus revealing new relationships and balances.

The episode, however, had also eroded, perhaps permanently, Hiram to his role as the villain in favor of Gladys – although slightly in the shade – and bringing to the foreground the threat from the Farm, thus sanctioning the ideal horizon for the last part of the season: two opposing forces that put the protagonists in the middle of the proverbial hammer and anvil.

The background of the episode this week, entitled The Raid, is the one that sees the parents of Veronica in the final collision and the Farm take more and more ground in the city, with a growing number of followers.

Betty continues her investigation in an attempt to expose the cult, and asks Cheryl to infiltrate to gather evidence while Jughead is engaged, together with its Serpents, in a war to the new shop in the city that results in a cold war with the mother.

Meanwhile, the Hiram Lodge is ready to inaugurate its new prison, and Archie receives a call from Mad Dog, his old companion in the reformatory, who warns him that the minor prisoners will be transferred there where it is already ready to be put back in walk to the fight club. The guy then asks the help of Veronica to stop the transfer.

While the operation of the infiltration of Betty and Cheryl sinks, Archie and Jug team having localized, with all probability, the nerve centre of the canteen.

The Raid is a very solid episode that confirms the sensations had over the last few episodes that is, a scenario in which the city is narrow from side to side in the grip of the Farm and the other in that of the drug headed to Gladys Jones, and implemented materially by the Gargoyles.

In this sense, the screenplay is well thought out and can bring together organically, both the narrative strands the main secondary opening, especially for the latter, as new and unexpected forms. The climax of the episode is rightly the assault on the center of the shop that pays toll to the structure and choices of directors for one of the best action movies of the last 15 years, which also gives the title to the same episode.

The pace of the episode remained, however, the top by exploiting all the possible implications of the narrative strands, and it was here that perhaps shows a little of his limit. Especially with regard to the Farm the series is trasciando, and postponing, perhaps a little too much time its real development frenandone the real effectiveness.

It should also be noted as this week's returns, bully, both for the Farm and for the Gargoyles, to look out to that part of the “mystique” that had somehow dominated the first part of the season and not entirely convincing. We'll see if in this final part of the third season will be better exploited.

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