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Published on Mar 21, 2019


The great episode last week – our review HERE – had made the entrance in the last part of the third season of Riverdale with a bet, based on a string of solid episodes, preparatory, had realized the new status quo for many characters and fundamentally changing the scenery of the town.

In this sense, Gladys Jones, the mother of Jughead, was the new entrance to the most “disruptive”. Not only took in hand the illegal activities in Riverdale – with Jug aware of the situation after the “tip-off” he had with Betty through Veronica still in debt with the woman and tight in a vise that has moved away definitively from Reggie – but also a candidate strongly to the major villain of the series.

Archie was left behind, hopefully, the gloom of the last few weeks is thanks to the new intimate relationship with Josie is due at the end of the brutal quest set in motion by G&G, by Hiram Lodge, who wanted him to be a target of a possible murder. In all of this had been consumed the final break between Toni and Cheryl, the ideal bridgehead to introduce this week's episode.

This week the series gives you his annual episode, a musical entitled "Big Fun", and inspired by the musical, Heathers, and seeing the boys intent to prepare the above-mentioned musical.

The preparation will obviously not be of the most simple: the creeping tension between Toni and Cheryl will result in some asprissimi against while the presence of Evelyn will alert you to Betty about the possibility that the musical is just a mere tool to recruit new followers to the Farm.

It is precisely the presence of the girl, however, forces the cast members to open up – revealing new relationships and old tensions – the background of the revelations concerning Veronica and the rise to power of Gladys.

With "Big Fun", the series harm, perhaps permanently Hiram to his role as the villain in favor of Gladys – although slightly in the shade – and bringing to the foreground the threat from the Farm.

As each year, the musical episode tends to catalyze the component most teen series, I always look used sparingly and intelligence, as it happens this week, where the boys are inevitably forced to get naked, revealing the new balances which arose from the new relationships are woven, and new actors appeared on the scene of the town.

The musical part is obviously very dominant, but never annoying, thanks to songs a lot hair rock ottantiani extremely catchy and rides a little revival of that decade are still prevalent.

The horizon for this last part of the season it seems pretty clear with two opposing forces that put the protagonists in between a sort of hammer and anvil. It will be interesting to find out what are those elements of the “surprise” that will give the right spice to this already crackling scenario and how it will be managed and the implications for the sentimental, especially Archie and Veronica.

Note of credit should also be given to the costumes department of this episode, which pulls out from the cylinder solutions are very “extravagant”, for setting the years ’80 of the episode daring in some situations, especially with regard to the female characters.

Another solid episode for Riverdale, and another great episode of music which combines those of the past seasons.

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