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Published on Mar 14, 2019


In the episode last week – our review HERE – Riverdale had solidified the new status quo post-break of two weeks, recovering old narrative strands and tested with the new dynamics. In particular, it has been shooting the sub-plot of G&G, the Ghoulies and the Gargoyle King rimettendovi at the centre Archie the victim of a dangerous attack by a young player of G&G while the coexistence Poisons, Farmies, and the Gargoyles had become more and more complicated leading to contrasts that are both internal and between Toni and Cheryl. Betty had to abruptly stop his investigation on the Farm, learning that his mother has sold their house.

This week's episode, titled American Dreams, it starts from here or from the contrasts between Tones and Cheryl, and the discovery of the mysterious buyer of the house of the Cooper. Archie, meanwhile, no peace, and after having found the quest-card of G&G in his kitchen starts his investigation to find out who still wants to kill him.

For this goes to the one who in the past had manifested this intention, Hiram Lodge, that he had distributed twelve cards in which you are asked to kill Archie. The truce between the two, however, does not seem to have extended to the holders of these cards, which must therefore be traced before that may be detrimental to the life of Archie. One thing is certain: in the city, there is a new, dangerous, the Gargoyle King.

In the city in the meantime, a number of episodes linked to the consumption of Fizzle Rocks confirming the return of the drug in the city, and then to a new distributor. Veronica, still under pressure, confesses to Betty that Gladys took in hand the illegal activities and the girl obviously decided to report it to Jughead.

It's the same Jughead to propose a solution to Archie: change the quest so as to address, on a the ground friend, and with some advantage, all those who are in possession of the card to “kill the paladin red”, and put an end to this persecution.

After a few episode just with American Dreams, Riverdale, regains focus and concreteness not only legitimized definitely the change of scenery of the last episodes but also giving new life to the soul, more teen drama series.

At the center of the script there is a new Archie, with the writer of the episode who seems to want to close, permanently?, the plot of G&G in a brutal but effective way, thus freeing the character from the gloom that had marked a marked by too many episodes. Around this axle are then skilfully grafted a series of sub-plots whose common denominator is without doubt the passage of deliveries between Gladys and Hiram of the title of villain.

Take the act Betty and, above all, Jughead – that are likely candidates for the main antagonists – as Veronica, perhaps a bit sheepish in this episode, now tight in the grip of struggle to emerge “sacrificing” Reggie.

The sub-plot of Toni and Cheryl, instead, serves on the one hand to remember it, and always intelligently and not be taken for granted: Riverdale is also a teen drama, but also to introduce the annual episode music.

With this week's episode, Riverdale, definitely open the doors to the last part of the third season in a decisive manner, we'll see if the plots prepared will be also convincing, however.

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