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Published on Mar 10, 2019


The episode last week – our review HERE – it was served as a side to make a little bit of the point of the situation by converging plots and situations after the break of two weeks, and the other had undoubtedly candidate Gladys to new major villain of the series and antagonist direct of Hiram. The woman was the vertex of a triangle that joined Veronica, held on the fist because of the debt agreement with the mother to settle in and become his “deep throat”, and Jughead, having failed to recruit the Gargoyles in the ranks of the Serpents, while contrary to the vision of the son.

Betty had saved the mother from the rite for the initiation of the Farm while not getting the desired effect while Archie had fought, and lost, his first boxing match, gaining the esteem of Josie with which by now is a steady couple.

This week's episode, titled evocatively Fire Walk with Me, sees the coexistence of Poisons, Farmies, and the Gargoyles become more and more tense with the respective leader – Jughead and Tones – to make the charges. Veronica, meanwhile, is located between the anvil and the hammer, having to satisfy both the Gladys and the father, to whom he confessed, as seen in the finale of the last episode, that she was the author of the fire that destroyed the drug and lab tools.

While Betty continues her investigation on the Farm, which is driven by the recruitment of Kevin, He struggles to keep in line with his and the especially the new generation, while Veronica while to escape from the grasp of his creditors, he decides to transform The Bonne Nuit in a casino. Archie pays the workouts in the gym, doing the cleaning and just as she is about to close is a young “guest” Ricky. The boy explains to Archie and Josie to be away from the family home after being branded with a symbol of G&G, from the older boys.

The guy will prove to be particularly elusive, but above all to hide a terrible secret.

In spite of its title, Fire Walk with Me has very little of Twin Peaks compared to other episodes of the series.

This is not a bad episode, but not even one of the most brilliant focusing a lot on to show the consequences that the recent upheavals have caused on the lives of the four protagonists. If the idea is good, and would from the right the counterpart to the previous episode, unfortunately the execution is clumsy in some of the passages that are missing a bit of stain, producing a scheme that sees in the first part of the episode our in distress but then recover, albeit each in its own way, in the second part.

The episode is also the ideal ground to test the new dynamics with the old narrative strands. Is then resumed in the sub-plot of G&G, the Ghoulies and the Gargoyle King rimettendovi at the centre Archie or Jughead in difficulties in handling the Serpents.

The direction is perhaps a little too lazy to follow in a way too didactic, the script, preferring to maintain a pace of mild.

Riverdale is definitely building well this is the second part of the season, just missing a bit of brightness in that, in the past season, she had definitely given the proverbial higher gear.

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