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Published on Mar 09, 2019


Riverdale was led to his break of two weeks, with a run of episodes heterogeneous but up-and-down. In the last episode – our review HERE – in particular, appeared evident the intention to draw a clear line of demarcation and drastically change the status quo in general with the introduction of Gladys, the mother of Jughead, as a new actor criminal in the stage of the city and especially with the emergence of a new Gargoyle King, who had challenged the adults to finish their game of Griffins and Gargoyles save then reveal to be the father of the Moose wants to punish the son for his homosexuality.

Requiem for a Welterweight, this week's episode, the balance in Riverdale are more and more precarious. Gladys continues its hostile takeover asking to Veronica, who has yet to discount the debt on behalf of the mother, to make the light on the moves of the father's intention to quickly recover control of the illicit business, being unaware that the wife was the instigator of the attack. Jughead sees the ranks of his Serpents has a half-life after that, having defenestrato Cheryl and Toni, these two have founded the Pretty Poisons and to seek new recruits among the ranks of the Gargoyles.

Betty needs to handle his mother being baptized at the farm looking for sources that can definitively discredit the cult while Archie, with its strong new relationship with Josie, she throws herself headlong in the world of boxing by agreeing to a meeting, rigged, with a professional while being unprepared to even survive.

It is right after two-week break, with, Requiem for a Welterweight, the series makes the point of the situation, not disdaining, however, to build the new characters and the new background for the old.

In this sense it is evident how the pin that connects both the story of Jug and those of Veronica is Gladys, which, thanks to the few but simple tricks of an intelligent script, candida immediately a superb villain for this second part of the season, and antagonist direct of Hiram.

Slowly, he is recovering also the character of Archie, a little lost in the last episodes, thanks to the theme of the episode that gives a nod to Rocky, a few weeks after the release of Creed II, thanks also to a screenplay well-dosed that dampens the tone of the dark in favour of an equally thoughtful but more concrete.

The directing is not flawless, perhaps disoriented by too many narrative strands to follow, but manages to do a task more than worthy underlining a faster pace in the second part of the episode that symbolizes the initial stage of preparation.

With this episode, Riverdale, in spite of some failure in the recent episodes she is shown to have well-balance of the ball, starting to converge, even those textures that until now have been a bit too smoky – the Gargoyle King or the Farm – and incorporating them into paintings and the more extensive and organic. It is clear, however, that you must soon get back to concentrate on the development of the four protagonists at the mercy of the events of the last weeks.

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