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Published on Feb 07, 2019


With the episode of last week – our review HERE – Riverdale had pulled, ideally, a line of demarcation quite clear with those who were the narrative strands the major had held a tour for the whole of the first part of this Season 3. In fact we had discovered that behind the attempted murder of Hiram there was Hermione, with a series of machinations and blackmail, had involved FP Jones – the material author of the attack – which, appointed sheriff, would then be the scapegoat.

Thanks to the readiness of Jughead the conspiracy had been foiled, and FP, and Hermione had agreed to a truce. Meanwhile, Veronica had inflicted a hard blow to the plans of the mother burning all of the drugs remained and up to that time produced, not knowing that the woman had already sold both the “product” and “activity”.

This week's episode titled very fumettosamente Bizarrodale sees Veronica and Reggie meet the demand of the compensation from the part of Hermione while in the city they begin preparations for the wedding of Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller.

The opportunity is tempting to Kevin and asks Moose to be his “+1” to the marriage of his father but the boy, who has not been outed, he is afraid of the reaction of the father. Kevin confesses the thing to Cheryl, which sets in motion one of his classics, floors and anything else that is devious compromising his relationship with Toni. Archie is approaching instead to Josie, she was without the “+1”; Veronica and Reggie get some of the money to be returned to the buyer discovering the incredible truth.

The preparations are, however, stained by a letter from the Gargoyle King to the adults: they must end the game started years before, or the punishment will be severe. While reluctant to agree to stay in the game by discovering, however, that this is a trap far more complex than imagined. After a Tall Boy there is another Gargoyle King in the city?

When Veronica tells the mother not only the identity of the buyer but also that it will stop in Riverdale, Hermione remains extremely surprise when all the clues are pointing to a “hostile takeover” in the criminal underworld of the city.

Bizarrodale is basically to confirm what found in the previous episode or the will to change the status quo of the characters and situations fresh and dynamic unpublished but keeping the coordinates fixed on the one hand, the expansion activity of the Lodge, and on the other, the mystery on the Gargoyle King.

The episode is not perfect but it flows nicely, leaning heavily on the part that is more teen and more inclusive growth – an integral part of the series – putting at the centre of the story couples Cheryl/Toni and Kevin/Moose. Showrunner and writers dealt with the usual frankness, the topic of homosexuality and sin that the epilogue is “phoned” although preparation for food the mystery of the Gargoyle King.

The narrative of Veronica, and Reggie is, instead, a prerequisite to introduce the new actor on the scene to criminal of Riverdale. The choice is certainly intriguing, and may create dynamic interesting also in the context of the component of the drama of the series.

With Jughead and Betty practically absent even in the space of Archie is drastically reduced with the plots related to him frankly no big stain in the last few months are a small surge in the approach to Josie, difficult, but it is a stable situation.

After you correct the shot and closed it, ideally of the plots for Riverdale is now marching at forced stages, and resume share both in terms of quality and “quantity” of the plots.

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