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Published on Jan 31, 2019


Last week, Riverdale had ripped a page from the television series drama at the end of the episode – our review HERE – with the attempted murder of Hiram Lodge, an event that had represented the climax of a series of suspicious death in the city, including Claudius Blossom and the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, as well as the Tall Boy – de facto leader of the band of Gargoyles.

All the dead were to point to a counter-conspiracy orchestrated by Hermione Lodge to take control of the town, beginning with the pinning of the new sheriff: FP Jones.

This week's episode, titled The Red Dahlia starts, of course, the question more simple and obvious: the person who shot to Hiram Lodge?

Veronica hires Jughead to discover the architect of the attack on the father while Betty focuses on the suspicious death. Veronica, meanwhile, takes the reins of the empire of the father trying to keep alive the business, and in rejecting the attacks of the rival families, but especially discovering that the mother not only had knowledge of the illicit trafficking of the father that was in as mayor.

All the suspects begin to converge on Hermione. In fact the woman confesses to the Jug to know of the betrayal of her husband and Veronica want to “sell” to a mysterious buyer in the laboratories of the drug. In parallel, everything seems to rotate to the falsification of the report on the waters of the Sweetwater river polluted by the waste products of that laboratory and that had caused the seizures in the city.

When Jughead understands that the story of Hermione is not solid will discover, in fact, that the sheriff Minetta is alive, and the appointment of the father is only a move to have a scapegoat; the events then they will start to take contours more clear, bringing the FP and Jug to solve the problem of the Tall Boy and Veronica to get rid once and for all the drug taking, in both cases, Hermione in the middle.

The revelation of the real author of the attack, however, will represent a Pyrrhic victory for Jughead and Betty, who meanwhile has discovered that, behind the dead, hides in an unsuspected black widow.

Archie is in disarray but when he decides to confront the last of his demons, Hiram, the situation will reverse suddenly with the man who wakes up shortly after out of danger.

Since the return from winter break, you might complain a little something to the showrunner and writers except that they are not making episodes very dense to Riverdale, including this one, The Red Dahlia that seems to want to draw a line of demarcation net for some plots opening so new and fresh.

Level as a director and as a mood episode is a nod to the great noir film to recover the trend to the episodes theme that had worked well in the past building a episode complex and multiple narrative strands on which are the figures of Jughead and Veronica – Betty slightly aloof – but especially the one of Hermione Lodge starts to take shape as a worthy antagonist of Hiram, in a short circuit that could surely give spice to the plots.

Not convinced yet, however, the narrative with the protagonist Archie developed in a way that is somewhat coarse and superficial.

The Red Dahlia is definitely an episode ambitious the aim of which is to stir in a decisive manner balances and alliances, but it is also difficult preferring a path complex and tortuous at the level of the screenplay, which is not always during the course of the episode manages to keep the attention of the viewer.

Surely Riverdale is showing signs of recovery after a few episodes undertone, you only need to correct a little bit to get back to the quality we've come to expect.

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