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Published on Jan 26, 2019


The resumption of last week, after the does not own bright winter final, had made the moment slightly undertone of Riverdale with an episode – our review HERE – who had struggled to make ends meet in the proverbial circle, making one side the point of the situation relating to the various characters, and on the other legitimized the role of deus ex-machina of Hiram Lodge.

The episode then it was concluded with an ominous cliffhanger: Archie, in voluntary exile in the wilds of Canada, had been wounded by a bear and had experienced terrible hallucinations, which seemed to presage for him a sinister future.

This week's episode entitled The Stranger is already in its title, an important key and a harbinger of a major return to some of the characters in “the forgotten” in the last few weeks.

The near death experience convinces Archie return to Riverdale at your own risk as it is always in the crosshairs of Hiram. Greeted with surprise and joy by the father and by his friends, the boy finds a small town literally dominated by men, and of which the balance travels on the wire of the razor and on the attempts of the joint dethrone him. Betty, in fact, continues its investigations around the Farm, but the mother, blocking all of the funds, and is forced to seek the help of the father always in prison. The approach of wars between the two also leads to some important revelations on the Ascension Night, and on the involvement of adults with Griffins & Gargoyles, in the past,...

Jughead in parallel he continues a mission of infiltration of Serpents in the illicit business of Hiram by the Gargoyle King and his band. A ambush of Serpents brings yes to the capture of the King, but the identity is a unexpected surprise.

Meanwhile, Archie, struggling to adapt to return to a normal life and the expense is his relationship with Veronica in which the square, as a third party in the comfortable, Strap as seen at the end of the previous episode. The twist, however, is around the corner and it involves, of course, Hiram, opening to the hypothesis of a counter-plot to take over the reins of Riverdale.

With The Stranger showrunner and writers seem to have realized that Riverdale was not going through a brilliant moment, and start to bring the series to beaches quality to her more consonant beginning from a screenplay extremely excited and full of twists and turns especially in the second part.

This is not a episode perfect of course but definitely the best of the last seen this is because it is slightly “set aside” the supernatural component in favor of an approach more classically-drama – glaring the wink to the classic Dallas – and the teen. In addition, some of the characters put aside come back strongly under the spotlight, mixing the cards on the table, something that the series was not by quite a bit, and showing how this may in the past have been one of his strong points.

For the absurd is precisely the character of Archie the one that convinces her to blink. If, in fact, his return creates a constant tension throughout the episode, his “crisis” is a bit forced in this his selective mutism and its alleged dependencies.

With this tenth episode of Riverdale shows of know return in case of need to use those cornerstones of the serial drama and teen not only to flesh out its own plots but also and above all to make them more unpredictable as well as done in the previous season and was missed a little in the first part of this third season.

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