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Published on Jan 17, 2019


After the long winter break, resumes its run Riverdale.

We left the series at a time is not exactly brilliant because perhaps of a series of plots carried out in parallel in the first few episodes, have struggled to meld to perfection then close of the winter finale – our review HERE – that one side had definitely cemented Hiram Lodge in the role of the big villain of the season, revealing plans for a total control of the town in favor of its illicit trafficking, on the other, was concluded with a bizarre cliffhanger, with Riverdale, quarantined, separating the four main characters from each other.

This week's episode, the ninth of the third season, titled No Exit the quarantine is over, but the city is now in hand for Hiram Lodge, which manages both the illicit trade that the socio-political life of the city. The serene atmosphere of a few months ago is a fading memory: Veronica, tries to survive her local pressed from the father, Betty and Jughead must manage both the leaders of the institute of the Sister of Quiet Mercy is their addiction to drugs fueled by the Serpents stayed for too long without a guide, and finally Archie is in voluntary exile in the woods of Canada.

Your Archie is wounded by a bear starting to experience terrible hallucinations that lead him to relive the path that he was forced to escape, in the city, instead, Hiram seems to not let any opportunity to maintain control... the situation is unsustainable, bringing Veronica and Jug to ally: protection in exchange of an income fixed for the Serpents, lightening the pressure of Hiram. Betty in the meantime, the press, the sisters of the institute to testify against Hiram revealing its traffic.

The balance in Riverdale are permanently changed, and Hiram is the pin now how to learn the same Betty.

Compared to previous seasons, the winter break seems to have not helped much at Riverdale, who continues his streak of episodes pleasant but definitely subdued compared to the levels at which we had used.

Also No Exit is no exception. The screenplay is solid, but no real surprises engaged by one side to take stock of the situation after the winter finale, and on the other to legitimise the new status quo of the city is now in the hands of Hiram. If Betty Veronic and Jug are therefore protagonists of the events, Archie is relegated to a narrative alternative that seeks to exploit, in a way to tell the truth, not incisive, a long dream sequence.

It's obvious already in the mid-episode that is preparing the ground for a cliffhanger, that actually happens and it's double, but that not having been properly prepared is not very convincing, and likely would have been more if it had ended the winter finale.

While managing to mask it well, the showrunner and writers have to give more substance to the plots and retrieve not only a very precise direction for the series but also those little touches to the direction, and “adaptation”, which have always distinguished the series.

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