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Published on Dec 13, 2018


The episode of the last week of Riverdale – our review HERE – had cemented the conviction that Hiram Lodge, to use the unsuspected town of Riverdale as the nerve center for a series of illicit trafficking. The episode, however, was configured as a mere passing episode that, using the tried and tested plot of the narrative strands are separated to the four stars had confirmed, in general, all suspicious that in the course of the season were accrued in relation to Hiram and some of the other adults.

Among the the escape of Archie, accompanied by Jughead and the financial problems of Veronica, who has abandoned the home of his parents, who really is having the worst of it is, Betty locked up in the institute of the Sister of Quiet Mercy, where the guests are drugged and, above all, are at the mercy of the Gargoyle King.

One thing was certain, however: the drugs and the game of G&G are connected to each other.

Begins with a scene that is disturbing this week's episode titled Outbreak: a convulsion of mass at Riverdale High. While searching for the causes of the terrible episode, and the new drug Fizzle Rocks rages among the students, Hiram Lodge supported by the majority of parents hires the first of the private experts to examine those who have fallen victim of the convulsions, and then proposes to close the school as an environment that is not healthy.

To object strenuously to the decision, are Veronica and Cheryl, but their first, front, attack to Hiram fails. Meanwhile, Betty continues on his escape plan finally managed to “wake up” Ethel and contact their Veronica.

Archie and Jughead come to Toledo from the mother of the latter. While still being safe the emissaries of Hiram seem to be always one step ahead.

Even through winding roads, and different is Archie and Jug that Betty and Veronica understand finally that the ambitions of Hiram are check Riverdale without any type of interference, and having dismissed the two first guys and keeping “busy” the two girls his plan can proceed shipped.

When, however, the circle around Hiram again starts to shake, the man reacts with the iron fist, as it has done in the past in other circumstances.

You have to admit that Riverdale arrive at the appointment of the winter finale with a little bit of breathlessness because perhaps of a series of plots carried out in parallel in the first few episodes have struggled to meld to perfection in this episode than in the previous.

Outbreak is an episode that capitalizes on the good work last week but has a strange, really strange for the series usually always very confident in the development of its episodes.

Showrunner and writers seem, in fact, sure where to want to conclude the episode but fail to engage most of the time, and the spectator in the events of the four protagonists. The episode extremely slow, it undergoes a small acceleration due to the confrontation between Veronica and Hiram, but then flattens out again until the unpredictable end; unpredictable because it surely has the merit of preparing a status quo quite “bizarre” for the second part of the third season of Riverdale, and that would suggest a turning point almost a survival horror for the series.

Compared to the previous seasons Riverdale has definitely pulled the brake to the winter finale in the past seasons, it is often crucial to the plots, and this year the feeling is that the showrunner and writers are trying for something more complex, article, and in the long term. We'll see if this bet will pay at the end of the season.

Riverdale will be held next January 16 screens on The CW.

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