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Published on Dec 06, 2018


The episode last week – our review HERE – showrunner and writers have undoubtedly given a sponge to the status quo of Riverdale. Not just close, technically, the whole part on the Archie held, but also trying to show how adults of the city had still in hand the control of the situation.

Specifically, the episode ended in a really dramatic: Archie, accompanied by Jughead, had to leave the city and, in fact, Veronica fearing new reprisals of Hiram Lodge about him and about the people dear to him, Betty, after the home invasion of the Gargoyle King, had been locked away force within the institute of the Sister of Quiet Mercy once the theatre of so many “disappearances” in Riverdale.

This week's episode, titled The Man in Black, opens with Archie and Jughead in the path along the rails. The two, exhausted from the days walk, and arrived at a farm, where they are welcomed for the night by the two sisters, very suspicious: in exchange of some work the children will have accommodation and meals. While Archie is left to fulfil these tasks, Jug ventures into the nearest town, discovering a ghost town marked with the symbols of the Gargoyle King and populated by women... all men and women only to the work on the river, they are building a prison that is also a laboratory of drugs, or so say the few people willing to talk with him.

Everyone is working for the mysterious Man in Black. The flight of Jug, and Archie seems to be, in fact, already come to an end due to the treachery of their host...

Veronica, meanwhile, decides to leave the parental home and played, literally, everything and everything with its local. But that does not seem to give up is Betty, who, despite being locked up, continues to look for clues for his investigation, discovering strange movements, Claudius Blossom and Hiram Lodge.

The Man in Black opens up a bit like a novel written by Jack Kerouac and a bit like one of Stephen King by presenting, first, the situation of Archie and Jug and then move on to Veronica and Betty.

The third of the four narrative strands are separated now seems to be the favourite of showrunner and writers but be careful because, as this week, the director fails to establish a good pace – except maybe the first part – fitting so an episode bland and a little lacking in bite.

This is obviously a passing episode in view of the winter finale next week, which prepares very well the ground but fails to provide original ideas if not the ones found already in the previous episodes.

It is evident that the Hiram Lodge is in some way at the heart of all the illicit trade that have as their nerve centre, the unsuspected town of Riverdale, the series then moves always swinging on this tension between his soul purely “detective” – the solution is surely more convincing – and the most “esoteric” – and convincing solution only at times, and often showrunner and writers marciano a bit too much.

In The Man in Black is some interesting ideas there for sure but they are all a little “top” is at the end of the accounts of the first true episode with an undertone of this third season, and that does not affect certainly the good time to Riverdale.

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