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Published on Dec 04, 2017


Riverdale seemed to have passed its darkest hour – as seen in our review of the last episodes here – the drug that had flooded the streets, and the consequent tensions between the south and the north of the town, they were stopped after the arrest of the mysterious Sugarman, or the one who was the head of the chain of the trafficking of dangerous Jingle Jangle, revealed one of the professors of Jughead at Southside High.

But as seen in the end of the sixth episode, the drug dealer did not have the time to face the justice of a court coming shot dead by the mysterious Black Hood, to the right in the cell of the police station. The city then falls back into that atmosphere of uncertainty and fear.

So opens this seventh episode of Tales from the Darkside with the ultimatum of the killer, which invites the population to be virtuous in the next 48 hours otherwise will have to face his judgment.

The episode is very particular, in fact, rather than proceed linearly follows the various events – by dividing the episode into several parts – which merge in the final scene where they meet in the restaurant of the pops.

It starts with Jughead. The mysterious counsel of Serpents – Peabody – asks Yug to bring a case from Riverdale to Greendale as a favor for having helped him in improving the legal position of the father, the only condition is not to look at the inside of the case. The guy asks so help to Archie – guilty in the last episode ruined the plan to eliminate the competition of the Ghoulies – but the transport will not be far from free of problems, including a mysterious traveler who will give you a step just to Jughead impressionandolo with stories about another killer who had terrorized Neighborhoods many years before. The move of the Peabody, in reality, will serve to trap Jughead – with so much of the movie – and force the guy to invischiarsi even more in the shady business of Serpents...

Josie, meanwhile, has forged a strong bond with Cheryl after the events with the scion in the new york Nick St. Clair, again, as seen in the last episodes. Right Cheryl has procured a hearing to Josie, which, however, is troubled by a mysterious admirer, while his mother, the mayor of the city, confesses that he received death threats and pressures to resolve the issues related to the south and to the killer. It is possible that the mysterious admirer is Chuck – do you remember the “offender” of the first season? – who asked you to leave? Therefore, the guy has changed only in words?


Closes the episode (the sparkling “piece” starring Betty and Veronica. Kevin confesses to Veronica that the father, the sheriff, is very restless, and lately he has taken to the habit of getting out in the middle of the night while the same Veronica is convinced that the boy's father has an affair, Betty is convinced, instead, that the sheriff could be the Black Hood.

The scapestrata investigation of the two door to reveal a dark secret that concerns the sheriff...

Tales from the Darkside is a very solid episode that focuses on some of the secondary characters – Josie and the sheriff Keller, especially, for experiencing a form which exceeds the content: the idea to divide the 45 minutes available in the mini-episodes with different protagonists is winning by giving definitely dynamism to an episode that would otherwise be very little in terms of progression of plot.

As always, showrunner, and director, enjoying the dilute in the aesthetic extremely pop the show's cinematic references are more or less recognizable as the thriller ottantiano a-there, Brian De Palma, or the situations and characters-beyond Quentin-Tarantino-see the dancing scene between Josie and Chuck in the diner, Pop's, or the mysterious “hunter” who He meets on the road to Greendale, with its history linked to the mysterious Riverdale Ripper.

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