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Published on Nov 15, 2018


The last week had been one of the episodes that had show why Riverdale is a series with a twist: the teen drama, he had met, in a short circuit citazionistico, one of the teen movie of the ’80s – The Breakfast Club – everything you need to tell us about the scenes that involved the adults of the town – interpreted by their own “children” – and the mysterious role play G&G – our review HERE. This was not a luxurious episode of step and/or a filler but on the contrary was served to return the series to its core narrative of the original: the murder mystery.

The previous episode had ended with a warning from Alice to Betty: G&G is more of a game, it's a total experience, able to influence even the minds of the most sceptical.

And that is exactly what happens in the episode this week titled The Great Escape. Jug is now obsessed with the game and is convinced that in some way is connected to the socio-political of Riverdale, on the other hand, the realm where he plays G&G – Eldervair – is the left anagram of Riverdale – and Betty then decides not to respond to the guy but continue in parallel with the survey.

Veronica, meanwhile, finds the activities in which Archie was involved by the director of the Reformatory. If, so far, the legal methods to get Archie to jail are not served now it's time to organize an escape in the full rule.

The plan works but not without physical consequences for Archie – who in the meantime had already downloaded it as a sample from the Director – while Jughead is more and more convinced of his theory is corroborated also by the unexpected and grisly end that involves the Director.

The Great Escape is an excellent episode that serves to shuffle the cards on the table, while burdened by a beginning slightly muted.

The parallelism between the game of G&G and is played by Jughead and the daring escape of Archie, in fact, forceful only in the final part of the episode and managed to create a discrete voltage that enhances the script all in all quite simple and straightforward.

The great merit of the episode this week is also to bring together the two souls of the narrative at the beginning of the third season. The idea that the role play is an allegory of Riverdale worked quite well by itself but works even better when it is done to guess that is an elaborate system for orchestrarne power games.

It remains now to see how showrunner and writers will be able to manage the implications for the pseudo-esoteric without a timeout, perhaps in the banality. The contrast created between Jug and Betty also assumes narrative strands a bit more separated for the two things that, frankly, would not hurt.

Another great merit of the showrunner and writers is to have exploited the idea of Archie in the prison, also with a series of allusions and references to a certain film, without, however, abusing it and making everything crisp and taut.

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