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Published on Nov 08, 2018


We left Riverdale two weeks ago with an episode that was focused all about Jughead and Betty – our review HERE. The two boys had carried on stubbornly to their survey on the suicide of two classmates and the mysterious role-playing game, G&G, managing, with difficulty, to get the manual of the rules but just when they seemed to be at a turning point had occurred to their parents to block all, mortally scared by the game, and apparently with more than one secret to hide.

In the meantime, Archie had joined the small circle of inmates that feeds the pastime of the director of the reformatory: a brutal fight club clandestino. Veronica had had to defend themselves from a new attack of the father linked to the opening of her new local.

This week's episode is titled The Midnight Club resumes its investigation on the game: Betty discovers that in the past there had been to Riverdale a suspicious death occurred in a manner similar to those related to G&G. The girl puts then closer to the mother so that the stories, because the adults are afraid and are obsessed with the game... part of a long sequence flashback that sees the protagonists return to an unspecified time in the ’80s by interpreting their parents.

What started as a Saturday as a punishment was transformed into a series of meetings are fixed among a group of outcasts become friends, and the innocent game pastime was suddenly transformed into a perverse sequence of events that had led to the disappearance of the headmaster of the time.

With The Midnight Club, Riverdale, returns to do what he knows best to form and content.

With this episode thematically, showrunner and writers are charged duty at a of the great cult of the 80's – Breakfast Club – allowing young actors to show off their camaleontiche skills of actors supported by a director with timely and really well-paced in which the part of the lion, also a soundtrack, and beautiful – perhaps a little overlooked in the first few episodes of this third season.

However, this week's episode is not a mere diversion, as has happened in the past, but rather serves to return the series to its core narrative of the original: the murder mystery.

Already in the previous episodes it seemed immediately obvious that the sub-plot starring Jughead and Betty would have rotated around the murder of two classmates, to murder, thanks to this episode, the flashback takes on the characteristics that give depth to the mystery that surrounds it.

As easily understood from The Midnight Club has as absolute protagonists Jug and Betty, ignoring all the other sub-plots, the “evil” that is necessary for an episode as it may seem, to actually step serves to give substance to a storyline is at times overly derivative.

If one of the defects highlighted last season was linked to the excessive decompression caused by the number of the episode, the episode theme as that of this week, we need certainly to return to Riverdale on binary interesting, thanks to small but unusual tricks of narrative that cannot fail to attract the attention of the viewer is more distracted.

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