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Published on Oct 25, 2018


Last week we left Riverdale – our review of the episode HERE – with some interesting ideas: Archie had been “noted” by the director of the reformatory after his attempt, drowned in the blood, raise awareness among the other prisoners while the investigation of Jughead and Betty had not only brought the two unravel a series of plots which, starting from the suicide of their two classmates, Ben and Dilton, had involved both Ethel who, with all probability, the Worship of the Farm but above all, to surprise, he had alarmed the adults who seem extremely determined to cover up the investigation of the two boys.

This week's episode, titled As Above, So Below starts right from Betty and Jug. The two, a bit naively, they begin to understand that perhaps the dangerous game of role with the protagonist the Gargoyle King and the Worship of the Farm are connected: too many events strange coincide in fact with the arrival of the Cult. While Jug convinces Ethel to get start to the game, Betty tries to find out something more on the Cult by the daughter of the leader, Edgar, Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Veronica brings forward the opening of its new premises, but is now the victim of extortion, first by the Ghoulies and later by his father trying to set it by placing the drug in the local and sending the sheriff for an inspection. The girl of course will try to meet with the knife by the handle asking for help, and Toni and Cheryl, but takes the father is always an illusion.

Archie did not pass for nothing good. The hobby of the director, in fact, is brutal and exhausting...

Jug play his first game of G&G that ends with a dangerous game of Russian roulette while Betty, not even managing to infiltrate the Cult, he discovers that the mother knows something about the mysterious role-playing game. The manual of rules, painstakingly acquired from the Jug, however, ends in flames, but the following morning a surprise awaits the students of Riverdale High in their lockers.

If last week the attention was focused on Veronica, and Archie, this week it's up to Betty and Jug, and to their investigation. The two begin to unravel a skein that has, apparently, in the past of the city and especially of their parents. The construction of the mystery of the third season is slowly infittendo and, while maintaining a high rate of derivatività, finally starts to take on characteristics typical of the series.

If this narrative proceeds sent to Veronica from one side retrieves “crime” of the past season, the mind to Archie channels the soul and pop of the series with references to films by the cult of Fight Club and Escape from Alcatraz.

With a screenplay extremely dense, that has not, however, account for many of the other sub-plots, the real problem with the episode this week is represented by a director who struggles to find the right rhythm and the solutions too “hasty”.

As Above, So Below is a passing episode but manages in any case to make progress, albeit very little, at least one of the main plots at the beginning of the third season of Riverdale.

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