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Published on Mar 26, 2018


In the current state Riverdale is a complex chessboard where only last week they had finished arranging the pieces “adults” – our review here. We had finally discovered the plans of Hiram Lodge for the southern part of the city, to transform the high school into a prison, breaking definitively as “the alliance” with Fred Andrews identified by Lodge as a possible candidate for mayor.

The situation had made increased the tension between Archie and Veronica, as well as the one between Betty and her brother Chic since the family Cooper, and that Blossom had faced the opening of the last will and testament of Clifford Blossom, the father of Cheryl, who had promised a slice of the inheritance to anyone with blood Blossom in the veins.

This week's episode titled Primary Colors resumes exactly from Betty and Chic. The girl has subjected the brother, unknowingly, for the DNA test, discovering that they are actually half-brothers, this pushes the mother Penolope to confess that Chic has another father...

Also Jughead, meanwhile, has discovered the plans of Hiram Lodge, and he decided to undertake a hunger strike, with a lot of chains, from outside the ex-school of the southern part of the city trying to block the demolition. Archie on the other hand, has sided openly with the Lodge entering in contrast with the father and especially the mother returned to Riverdale to assist Fred who has decided to cut ties with the Lodge, also at a professional level.

However, Hiram does not want to release Fred and Archie offers a solution: sgombererà Jug, and his friends in exchange for the buyout company of the father.

The situation is so tense in the city, the two loose cannons are Veronica, who, in contravention of the wishes of parents, decides to run as a representative of the students to discover that the entries on the reputation of the parents are stronger than the one that had until that moment considered and Cheryl which she confesses to her friends to fear for his life. The mother and the uncle Claudius have sights on the empire of the Blossom and, in fact, trying to kill grandma, simulating an accident, Penelope realizing that the daughter has well understood their plan, he decides to get her locked up!

Primary Colors is a bold, accelerated to solidify the status quo certosinamente prepared in the last 3/4 episodes.

In this sense, the episode has a pace and a direction that is “nervous” that are well suited to the growing tension that the episode wants to create between the characters and the background well taken advantage of the election for mayor, political issue on which americans – and, more recently, us – seem to have still a lot to digest and analyze.

What is striking is certainly the open the contrast gained for the first time so openly between Archie and Jughead – a great ideological confrontation between conservatism and liberalism, if I wanted to ride again the metaphor of politics – and the deconstruction of the character of Veronica, who, for the first time during this season is showing the first signs of cracking under the psychological pressure of the rise to power of the parents.

Instead, they remain still a mysterious object the adventures of Cheryl: how innesteranno in the general framework of the machinations of Penelope and Claudius is to be seen, while from the point of view of the “staff” is the clear will of the writers to bring Cheryl to Toni Topaz.

The flap to the socio-political is the most interesting aspect of the Primary Colors that seems to be set, clearly, the background for the third and final part of this second season.

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