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Published on Mar 23, 2018


If the episode of last week – our review here – capitalizzava to a certain extent, a pathway linked to the four young protagonists of Riverdale with a strong element of teen drama, this week's episode titled There Will Be Blood always keeps alive the component of the drama, but focusing on the “adults” of the town.

With the previous episode Jughead had now understood the plan of Hiram Lodge: expand and “conquer” the whole of the southern part of the city... but for what purpose?

Meanwhile, at home Cooper, things seem to be quickly dash: Polly, the sister of Betty, is back temporarily at home with her twins, but she also begins very soon to have doubts about Chic; and Hal asks for the divorce to Alice. The fact, however, may not be random because of there is announced in the reading of the last will and testament of Clifford Blossom – the father of Cheryl and Hal had been discovered having a relationship with Penelope Blossom. Apparently the money will be divided equally among those in the city who have blood Blossom in the veins and this seems to provide the assist ideal to Betty for exposing the brother who refuses to do a DNA test.

It's not better at home Andrews: the Lodge have convinced Fred to apply for the position of mayor! The move seems suspicious Archie that, however, is not reflected in Veronica, who, on the contrary, supports the full of the parents to have as a mayor a valuable ally. The guy you will find in Jughead a valuable ally finally managed to unravel the plan of Hiram Lodge for the southern part of the city.

The comparison between Fred and Hiram will be tough but get the worst of it will of course be the first not only because the Lodge immediately put in motion their plan to the reserve, but also because Archie seems to take sides with the Lodge...

There Will Be Blood is an episode that mirrored the previous one and how the former serves to provide a new status quo for the characters.

Are interesting in this sense, the two narrative strands, the first related to Betty-and the second to Archie.

In the first the plot of the Chic is coming to his climax, well-woven, well-supported, by that of the family Blossom and Cheryl character in the last few weeks the writers are proposing a very interesting and certainly not predictable.

The episode is also a first and important payoff for the second part of the season and revealing the plans of Hiram Lodge, instead of a discounted residential centre, are connected in a manner that is extremely intelligent to the main theme of the first part of the season that the lack of security and the sense of threat.

There Will Be Blood is an episode well-structured that manages to keep high the attention of the viewer with a strong direction, it goes and handles very well the various plots of the story without being cloying but above all it is the umpteenth episode in a clever way manages to enter inside the plots of clear mold drama reflections on modern themes.

Seven episodes from the end, the pawns on the chessboard would seem to have been subjected to duty, it remains now to see how and if some of these plots will converge.

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