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Published on Mar 15, 2018


Riverdale arrives at the fourteenth episode of this second season's strong episode, best of this year, the previous one – our review here – who had really shuffled the cards on the tables for the 4 actors taking advantage from a side of the Chip, the brother lost and then found again Betty, as an element of “noise” in the increasingly precarious balance of the family Cooper, and not on the other, the twist end had offered a new perspective on the family Lodge, and on his way to conduct business, destabilising Archie always been the prototype of the infallible “good guy”.

In the middle is Veronica and Archie, and is ideally on them that rotates The Hills Have Eyes: in view of the troubled waters in which it pours Riverdale, Hiram, invite 4 guys to spend a romantic weekend in a cabin on the lake. The idea teases the boys in search of relax, but their best intentions are put to the test first by Cheryl, jealous for not being invited, says to the Jug of the kiss between Archie and Betty and then by the news that the same Hiram has purchased the park of the caravan in the southern part of the city where the residents are most of the Serpents including him and his father.

To this is added the attempted robbery to the detriment of the boys, while in Riverdale, Josie and Kevin learn the relationship between their parents when Cheryl confesses a intimissimo secret to Toni Topaz.

If there is something that the young citizens of Riverdale have learned is that each city holds a secret, and for Betty and Veronica this also means closer and closer to their darker side.

It was difficult for the showrunner repeat the previous episode both in terms of the progression of the main plots that atmosphere and also for this The Hills Have Eyes recovers to full hands from the traditions of the teen drama television by focusing on the youth of the protagonists and the secondary characters of the same age.

Very dynamic, as usual, among the 4 who manage to lead the audience in a swirl of conflicting emotions, placing the light on the qualities and the defects of their relationship “crossed” in which there are also moments spicy – Cruel Intentions taught, so at a distance of about 20 – while are brightened up a bit, even the secondary characters are left slightly apart in the last block of episodes, most notably Cheryl, whose confession – although not functional, no sub-plot currently in progress – definitely puts the character under a new light, however, “sketched” in some moments of the first season.

The directing is very “wait and see” leaving space for the interaction between the characters and highlighting the shots and camera movements are simple and to the point as the quality of the young actors and then relax, a few more pushed into the sequences of the attempted robbery.

The Hills Have Eyes confirms the good moment of the series while not adding anything to the main plots of this second part of the season. An episode more enjoyable, well-paced, despite not being very brisk, which has the virtue of putting the light on the quality acting of the young protagonists certainly above the average of some of their young and less young colleagues who weekly make their appearance on the CW and not only.

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