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Published on Feb 26, 2018


The episode last week – our review here – ended with a bloody cliffhanger: on the floor of the house, Cooper lay lifeless in fact, the shadowy figure who had tried the Chip.

And it is here that Riverdale takes up the story with the thirteenth episode entitled The Tell-tale Heart. Betty, in a blind panic, he decides to help the mother to clean up the kitchen, and above all to get rid of the body, but the guilt drives her to investigate the identity of the mysterious guy that looks for the Chip, bringing to the surface some background on the brother with the passage of days is less and less of the connotations of a victim as the mother is obstinate enough to believe.

When the pressure will be unbearable, the girl turns to Jug confessing the misdeed done by the mother and involving the father, the FP, to make disappear the corpse.

Meanwhile, the grip of the FBI to fit in Hiram Lodge closes down. Agent Adams decides to scare Archie by means of a control to the detriment of the father and then ask him to plant a bug in the office of the father of Veronica. Seeing with their backs to the wall the guy decides to confess just to Hiram of being approached by the FBI but by swearing not to have revealed any kind of information about him and his business... the result of this bold but risky move will open new and unusual scenarios to the guy, and certainly also for his relationship with Veronica.

Just Veronica, meanwhile, tries to circumvent the obstacles on the way of the expansion of Lodge Industries in the southern part of the city, first by seating his father at the dinner table with Jones, who as seen in the last episode he had discovered that the director of the smear campaign with the Serpents was just him, and then avoiding that the affair of mayor McCoy can be used as a weapon to speed up the conclusion of some business. Once again, the girl proves to be in tune with the parents, at least in the methods, while pursuing their own agenda.

The Tell-tale Heart weaves together expertly the two narratives, the one formed by the couple Betty/Jughead and the one of the pair Archie/Veronica building an episode in a vibrant and fast paced, perhaps the best of this second season, confirming as this second part of the season and benefits from a construction much more solid and the plots more intriguing.

You are returned to the atmosphere stifling from the thriller film more than a drama in the sense of a classic television show and the direction is inspired, without hiding it, even too much, to Brian De Palma's most disturbing, supported by a soundtrack, extremely ottantiana in her thrifty use of synthetic sounds.

The episode serves essentially to break the renewed balance found between the 4 protagonists, as demonstrated especially in the last two episodes.

If one side starts to emerge bully figure of Chip as an element of “noise” in the always precarious balance of Betty and the family Cooper, and on the other the twist the final offers a new perspective on the family Lodge, and on his way to conduct business, destabilising Archie always been the prototype of the “good guy” who is always doing the best choices.

The second season of Riverdale has definitely taken the inertia and 10 episodes by the end of the narrative possibilities, they all seem extremely interesting!

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