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Published on Feb 03, 2018


After having closed the first part of the second season in a discreet manner, but not spectacular, Riverdale had started to build a carthusian the second part of the season, moving the characters like pawns on a chess board as seen in the episode of last week – our review here – which was exacerbated definitely the contrast between the north and the south of the town, and Hiram Lodge had been put forcefully in the spotlight as a true deus-ex-machina of the upheavals that the city is going through.

This week's episode titled emphatically " The Wicked and The Divine resumes directly from the end of last week: who has beheaded the statue of the founder of Riverdale? While the northern part is pointing to, as usual, the south, and the Serpents, as leaders, the situation often leads to discomfort in the ranks of the band, especially when the work of Jughead – the leader – is put into question by the Tall Boy, the senior member and always a rival of his father.

In the meantime, Veronica is preparing for his confirmation while Archie continues his apprenticeship with Hiram Lodge pressed by the FBI to bring concrete evidence to frame the man. The perfect opportunity seems to be a poker tournament that man organized with some of his “colleagues”. Jug in the meantime, put our backs to the wall ask for the help Betty to find the head of the statue and avoid among other that all the Serpents to be evicted from their park of roulette.

The “actual presence” Chic – lost brother of Betty – it seems far from out of trouble rather seems ready to drag to the bottom of her new family...

The Wicked and The Divine then continues the path started in the last episode of the series: the protagonists, in fact they are walking on the razor's edge courting dangerously with the “dark side”.

Archie and Veronica are blatant. The first one is torn between the fit and Hiram Lodge, and not to betray the trust of his girlfriend, Veronica, instead, understands that the father between starting to divert the guy towards the bad road and that put him in the current of the true “family business” could literally destroy the guy always naive and the mind good.

Though moved by the best intentions, Archie warns Hiram, that could be in danger of life, after overhearing a conversation between two of his “colleagues”, but without taking account of the consequences that this may bring, as witnessed at the end of the episode of the FBI agent. Veronica convinced to exclude Archie from the “family business” you will have to think again when the same Archie, the confess to have understood the nature of this business.

It will be interesting to see how the writers will develop this convergence between the two, and then, above all, their removal. However, the legitimacy as a “villain” of Hiram Lodge, also in relation to the question of “severed head”, which sees Jughead and Betty investigate to discover the culprit, sobillato right from the Lodge that continues to pursue, in the southern part of the city and its interests.

This investigation leads to a rapprochement extremely hot between the two, He also admits that his crusade against the north – and all of the decisions related to it including the removal from Betty – has not brought the hoped-for fruit of contrast, however the girl for a moment shows indecision in confessing the kiss with Archie, a confession which is not the case which would probably lead with it a series of implications that will be developed later but not before I delve into the bloody end of the episode.

The Wicked and The Divine, shows a strength of purpose that was missing from some time in Riverdale. A screenplay surgical is able to give the right space to all the characters, continuing their unprecedented development while in the direction with the safety play with quotations more or less obvious, going back to the style of the dark of the early years.

Great episode spotted perhaps only a couple of naivety too much teen drama.

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