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Published on Jan 27, 2018


After you have closed it – permanently? – the plot related to the killer Black Hood, Riverdale has had to take a few episodes to recover the land and construct a new scenario, without any step is less convincing than usual, in the centre there is the ever-growing tension between the north and south of the city, as evidenced in the last episode – our review here.

While well-packed these last few episodes have lacked that focus on the characters that make them pro-active to situations rather than mere passive spectators of the upheaval that they were investing in Riverdale. With this week's episode titled The Wrestler, the situation is finally unblocked and returns you to focus on the four main protagonists with an interesting common denominator that is revealed with subtlety in the course of the episode.

Archie is pressed by the FBI to find evidence to fit in Hiram Lodge, father of Veronica, to do so, however, will have to enter in his thanks, and to overcome the diffidence of the man who beyond being very, very protective, thinks Archie is not at the height of the daughter also because she has not forgotten the flirtation of his wife with the father of the boy.

Betty, meanwhile, tries to recover the relationship with Chich, the lost brother found the last episode, discovering how the guy subject, armed with only a living of the meetings a few recommended via the internet.

In the background of the events, Riverdale prepares for its annual celebration for its founder with Veronica in the first line, now perfectly in tune with the expansionist intentions of the parent, while Jughead discovers a terrible secret about the foundation of the city who decides to make it public without requesting permission from the source of this news that the grandfather of Toni Topaz belonging to the indian tribe which had stolen the land where was later built the city itself.

The Wrestler is an episode dense but that through a wise direction, is always punctual, and kissed by a rhythm invidibile, manages to mix up the various “points” of view of the characters in a mosaic of well-matched and in which the lowest common denominator is the discovery of Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jug of their dark side.

Archie while impressing Hiram, and close the investigation of the FBI, decides to engage with the wrestling, the passion of the father of Veronica, revealing its competitive nature and a pride that several times in the course of the episode make up, the voltage of the verbal confrontations with the man – great chemistry between the other between the two interpreters.

That Chic was hiding something dark had already guessed at the end of the previous episode, however, rather than construed as simple “bad”, the character shows a certain upward dark about Betty, whose dark soul was seen especially in the first season. Jughead is, instead, obsessed by the search for justice and no matter whether at the expense of the people who surround him as well as Veronica, after a violent quarrel with Josie, and realizes that the “family affairs” are more important than even friendship.

The Wrestler convinces because it offers a new point of view about the protagonists, especially also psychological investigation certainly unusual, and that it could surely offer in the coming episodes, the developments are equally interesting when these “dark sides” will have to contend with.

Steals the scene Hiram Lodge, after being introduced at the end of the first season and have moved into the shadow areas of the first part of this second season, is shaping as the true “villain” of this second part of the season in a decisive manner and leathery.


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