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Published on Dec 19, 2017


Christmas also comes to Riverdale, and with it a highly anticipated midseason finale that follows the great episode last week – our review here – who had really shuffled the cards on the table and changed the “equilibrium” between the four protagonists.

The decisions taken, respectively, from Jughead, and Veronica are the rails on which travels this ninth episode entitled " Silent Night, Deadly Night which you weave the many strands of narrative in this first part of the season trying to conclude the plot of the mysterious Black Hood.

Jug is determined to free his father from the grip of the lawyer and the drug dealer, Peabody confessing to Betty that this is the real reason for their departure. The guy then decides to ask for help to the younger members of the Serpents. Meanwhile, just as Betty finds herself alone to investigate about the Black Hood, and it is natural that you talk to Archie first who was the victim of indirect of the killer, and Veronica tries to reconnect with the guy who shows you away because you are worried by the economic situation of the father affected the income of the hospital – 86.000 $ – due to the treatment after the assault hand reinforced by the Black Hood.

Veronica then asks the parents to pay the account of Fred Andrews, but of course the parents refuse, the girl then does it charge on the credit card of the mother after having snooped in the office of the father, and having discovered that the diner, the Pop was bought by the father... Veronica and the parents seem again to the short irons, but this time decide to reveal to the girl what are the plans of the Lodge family to Riverdale.

Betty is obsessed to discover the identity of the Black Hood and Archie the follows: the two in fact are beginning to understand that the other massacre that was committed in Riverdale in the ’70s, and his only outlasted, the janitor Svensonn, are in some way central to the resolution of the mystery. The two tighten the circle around the killer who invites you to the ultimate test to find the one that is the original sin city but this time his plan fails, while risking big Archie and Betty warn the sheriff Keller, who kills the Black Hood, revealing the identity...

Silent Night, Deadly Night is, without a shadow of a doubt, the worst episode of this second season because they were unable to capitalize as it should the plot of the Black Hood that flakes in a revelation devoid of pathos – and operates in a mediocre way the consequences of the previous episode.

And yet, the episode flows sent about a film very well-paced that often changing “point of view” uses as well the growing of the events while a few bold solution visually enhances situations that would otherwise be discounted and/or ordinary.

While the eighth episode, playing on the emotions and decisions of the protagonists superbly, this midseason finale seems to be a chess game of the showrunner that the characters move like pawns, avoiding same senate impeded to deal with the consequences just as the previous episode, preparing the ground for the second half of the season: what is the plan of the Lodge to Riverdale? Archie and Veronica are really pacified? The reunion of Betty and Archie was only momentary? Jug and his father are really able to clean up the image of Serpents?

Also Riverdale and then stops for the christmas break and gives us appointment at the next 17th of January!


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