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Published on Nov 25, 2017


We left Riverdale with the second episode of our review here – that it was difficult to predict a future far from rosy for the “town with a pep”. The father of Archie, Fred, had survived the broken armed robbery occurred in the restaurant of Pop, but the rough episode had insinuated the idea in the same Archie that the attack was not random.

The Watcher in the Woods opens substantially, with the confirmation that in Riverdale there is a killer on the loose! It's up to Moose and Midge be attacked and only survive by pure luck. Meanwhile, the killer comes forward by sending a letter directly to the Cooper signing for the Black Hood. How can a reaction from a town whose sense of security is put to the test so hard?

The third episode revolves around this simple assumption, without however forgetting that soul social, which have always characterised the show. On the one hand, Betty is concerned about her friend Kevin who even have the fleeting amorous encounters, he attended the parks and places with little to recommend them in the hours of the night risking their safety. The comparison between the two is very hard, and directed: Kevin, in fact, makes us understand the friend as it may be difficult to live their sexuality without attracting reviews and rumors. The theme, always present and particularly sensitive today, it is treated with maturity and candor without resorting to unnecessary panegirici discounted and moralists.

On the other, there are Archie and Veronica, and especially Jughead. For Archie, the time has come to make the acquaintance of Hiram, the father of Veronica, a meeting that will show the authority of the man but also his foresight when sobillerà the guy in the lead to the next level on his personal crusade against the Black Hood. Archie had made the Red Circle with the rest of the football team with the idea to patrol the streets of the city, but Hiram “suggests” to the boy to be proactive and try to flush out the killer; the Red Circle will produce a video that will become immediately viral, but could also degenerate quickly the situation in the city.

Jughead adapts with difficulty to the new life to the Southside High maneuvering between the pressures of the Serpents, and the attacks of the gang rival of the Ghoulies making friends with the fascinating Tones, with whom she was able to reopen the school newspaper, the Red and Black, with the blessing of professor Robert Philips. But the inclusion in the new reality of the guy will be anything but free of obstacles, and affect also the relationship with Betty...

With The Town That Fear Sundown finally starts to take shape the figure of Betty put a little aside in the early episodes.

The initiatives proactive Archie bring only negative consequences not only with adults but also with the south side of the city, and above all, for the guy, with Veronica. Archie is caught in the southern part of the city, sparking the ire of Serpents... the Red Circle, and the Serpents will then be forced to compete in a fight very West Side Story. Even Veronica starts to care for Archie, especially after finding out that the guy has bought a gun, albeit with many reservations, however, will bring to reason the boy and the two will throw the gun in the river. At the end of the episode Archie then dissolves the Red Circle...

While Jug, Betty, Toni and Kevin are trying to determine the identity of the Black Hood, Betty receives a new letter, this time addressed directly to you with a code to decipher to find the next victim... with a bit of luck and ingenuity, she and Jug fail to understand that the next attack will be the town hall where a meeting of the town.

Foiled the danger the girl will receive a sinister phone call directly from the killer: what will be their relationship?

This episode is also critical because it can bring together the plot of the Black Hood in the larger which sees heightening the contrast between the north and south of the city with the mayor that, during the above meeting the town, points to the south as responsible for the situation in Riverdale. The idea of increasing social unease and lack of confidence in the next theme is a tremendously timely that the show then starts to develop with discreet mastery.

Betty and the Black Hood begin their strange relationship, the telephone When a Stranger Calls. The killer explains to the girl that wants to punish the “sinners” of Riverdale, and it will kill the sister, Polly, if you will not follow to the letter his instructions, the first step to cut the bridges with Veronica and especially with Jughead.

In the south meanwhile, the same Jug tries to maintain the claims among the Serpents, but must necessarily become one of them to do so and following all the rituals of initiation of the case; the southern area is also the territories of interest of Hiram, the father of Veronica, and his urban design project that need a capital injection, and for this reason, the city will host some of the families of investors from New York including the St. Clair, whose young son is an old school friend of Veronica.

Betty is reluctantly forced to follow the instructions of the killer, they with Archie which tells Jughead the news of the rupture of the relationship with the girl, Jug with nothing to lose becomes officially a Serpents, and the sexual tension with Tones, ending in a passionate kiss.

From the other side of the city in the meantime, consume a feast at the base of the drug in the hotel room of Nick St. Clair, which is likely to escalate when the guy turns attention too pushed against Veronica, which vigorously rejects it.

The episode in addition to make Betty the center of gravity to the new dynamics between the protagonists to be mentioned, because the load of dealing with a thorny theme, and unfortunately the closer news: sexual harassment in the workplace.

Nick St. Clair after having tried it with Veronica comes to drugging Cheryl in an attempt to abuse, danger, thwarted only by the intervention of the same Veronica and the Pussycats. The point obviously is not to show the dynamics of the assault as the consequences with the families involved try to reach a compromise while the girl is obviously shaken and ready to file a complaint. Once again the show is very clearly a social topic, this time perhaps with less “security” for the delicacy and for the baggage that this brings with it, but still a good attempt to show the harsh reality of the young audience.

A killer on the loose, the social tension and the river of drug that circulates now have in Riverdale are all the nodes that start to come to a head in Death Proof.

Black Hood asks Betty to find out the identity of the Sugarman or the one that creates the Jingle Jangle, the drug, that from the southern part of the city get to the north. In the meantime, the mayor and the sheriff make a haul at Southside High School pushing Serpents and Ghoulies to an unlikely alliance opposed only by Jughead to ask for help to the father.

Betty asks for information to Cheryl on the Sugarman seen the past intentions of the father being able to discover the identity, the drug dealer will be arrested but will face another kind of justice rather than that of a court.

Jug challenge the leader of the Ghoulies in a race car, illegal for a prize, the domain of the area south of the city, however, Archie decided to help the friend will eventually complicate the situation by making a tip-off to the same sheriff.

The episode closes with a little bit of the circle in view of the midseason finale of the next two weeks: Betty and Jug are clarified, Archie and Veronica, they proceed with their relationship as well as being attentive to the father of the girl. But it's always Betty the flywheel of the events, after having taken courage, and have discovered the identity of Sugarman, the girl is willing to unmask the Black Hood and the last phone call between the two closes with the girl who challenges the killer.

Directed re-reads are always in a personal way as the more classic solutions from the drama, and teen drama, mixing them with those of the mystery drama in a perfect blend in which the catalyst is the visual style recognizable appearance of which varies between the gothic american and the lysergic neon lights that illuminate the night of the city. This run of episodes also shows how various filmmakers who worked behind the camera have started to give more space to the interactions between the young characters that show all a significant maturation in terms of evidence of actors playing with more character in their characters.

As already highlighted in the reviews of the first two episodes the showrunner have significantly lowered the pace of the narrative by having 22 episodes instead of 13 like the first season. If this does lose a bit of immediacy to the series, giovarne, instead, are the characters, even the secondary ones like Kevin or Cheryl, who benefit from a more thorough study as well as the plots and sub-plots, which extend their radius of action and branch out the better by providing a broader picture of the plots that animate the town, and then the show.

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