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Published on Oct 14, 2017


It is always the narrator of the Jughead to bring us back to Riverdale for this long-awaited second season after the series, benefitting from a step on Netflix, has seen the increase in popularity of the public and the critics.

We were left with the incredible and unexpected cliffhanger of the first season: a robbery gone wrong at Pop's Diner, and Fred Andrews in the arms of Archie struck by a pistol shot to the abdomen.

So, here we are living the desperate race to Archie to the hospital and subsequent hours of the tribulation, waiting to see if Fred – remember that it is played by Luke Perry or Dylan of Beverly Hills 90210 – will be saved.

Fear not, there has been no change in the direction of the series nor much less of the drama has taken over that murder-mystery, in fact, while Archie lives on more than one occasion, and from different angles, the moments of the robbery at the diner creeps more and more doubt that more than a robbery ended in tragedy, the episode was a real attempt of murder. The cash register of the Pop's in fact not been emptied but the villain has just taken the wallet of the father of Archie.

Who will you be the principal? The band with the Southside Serpents, deprived of their leader – the father of Jughead entangled in the murder of Jason Blossom – with a grudge against Mr. Andrews or Hiram Lodge, father of Veronica – that wants to resume its business after that Fred had a refusal, the offer to sell his share in the business to transform the Southside in a residential area?

But the attempted murder of Fred Andrews is only the flywheel of an episode, serving to the viewers to be reunited with the protagonist of the show. While a quick exchange of phone calls warns Betty, Jughead and Veronica what happened to Archie and his father, the 4 find themselves in the hospital – with a nice sequence where the guys popping up from various side corridors and then riabbracciarsi – known as the rock-solid interactions between the characters that transcends the simple love story which remains one of the great strengths of the series.

The chemistry between Jughead and Betty is indisputable with the young Jug, sure I can resist the allure of the dark side, but being soon involved, willingly or unwillingly, in the affairs of the Southside Serpents while Veronica's struggle to finally breach into the heart of Archie and get away from the reputation of his family, while Archie, the good guy always ready to do the right thing, is overwhelmed by events and on the verge of losing psychologically.

Your Archie is the first character on which the authors put the emphasis to close the episode, Archie is watching the father armed with a baseball bat, fearful that the mysterious villain would return to visit his father.

There is a parallelism between the status-quo of the characters – be immediately put to the test psychologically – and the mood with which he closed the previous season, and on which the series wants to based in a kind of critical and social reflection: Riverdale is the photography of the american province, once a guardian of values and a life that is simple and safe and time invested by acts of violence, seemingly random, and by the intrigues and power games.

Finally it returns the unique visual style of the series with the neon lights and saturated colours, with the dream sequences, rough, and disturbing, and with the atmosphere, somewhere between the ethereal and the suspended in time that give Riverdale a particular taste and certainly unusual.

As already done for the first season, Riverdale, moves at a fast pace throwing you already have the basics for plots and subplots in the new series compared to other shows, there is no time for unnecessary fillers and drug artifacts.

Kiss Before Dying is a premiere rock-solid friendship that culminates with a double “cliffhanger”: the return of Hiram Lodge, in the flesh, after being the “villain” in the dark the first season, and the return of the robber, masked that will be another victim, but at Greendale, the twin city of Riverdale, that Ms. Grundy – the young professor with whom Archie had a murky relationship at the beginning of the first season. It would be easy to think then that the mysterious hooded man is the ex-abusive husband of a teacher in search of revenge... welcome back to Riverdale, where nothing is as it seems!

Kiss Before Dying has posted the best ratings for the series up to this point, registering a peak share of about 2.3 million viewers.

During the nerve-racking wait in the waiting room of the hospital Jughead consoles Archie by telling him that for all the people that saved during the last year may very well be a superhero: Pureheart the Powerful. The reference is to the Life With Archie #42 (1965), in which Archie called the PH Factor (the Pure Heart Factor) becoming a superhero-in fact; the story gave way to a trend that was ridden by the comics Archie for all the rebirth and prosthetics of the ’60s fading slowly but surely and looking at the classic stories.

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