Risotto with limoncello

Published on Jul 02, 2019

The risotto limoncello is a revised version and most refined of the lemon risotto that I had already done that some time ago, the recipe I saw on the website of Iberia, and I was immediately intrigued. While the alcohol evaporates in cooking, the aroma of limoncello will remain, marrying beautifully with the basil. The result? A dish very delicate and amazingly fresh, perfect for summer, definitely try it!
Clearly if the limoncello is home made, so much the better. I intrigued you enough? try this risotto, and then let me know 😉

First of all, chop the basil and use it to flavour the oil in a saucepan, then add the rice and toast.

Pour the limoncello, always a high flame, then lower the flame, add 1 ladle of broth and start the normal cooking the risotto, adding hot broth as it is absorbed.
At the end of cooking add salt and pepper, then stir in butter, parmesan, and lemon peel.

The risotto limoncello is ready, serve decorated with fresh basil and serve.


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