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Published on Sep 05, 2018


Take two riders, best friends, from their all the best equipment for a challenge downhill bike, put well as a $ 250,000 prize and you get a recipe for a film that smells of adrenaline, battle royale (or Hunger Games), action, and mystery.

The directors of Mines Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro dive headfirst into the creation of a new adventure to the limits of the extreme: thus was born Ride, the first Italian film, produced by Lucky Red, Mercurios, and in collaboration with TIMVISION, which has the highest number of GoPro in the field to shoot the individual scenes. A really courageous and brave,from the technical point of view.

Max and Kyle are two riders acrobatic who is constantly living on the razor's edge: with their acrobatics on the bicycle, they are able to have hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world. Shame that these views of their companies do not bring money: Max is struggling with debts accumulated from gambling, while Kyle is not able to guarantee a future for his family, risking of having to take away the daughter. Here comes into play the Black Babylon, an organization that offers the two a challenge acrobatics between the paths to a secret location; the winner will receive $ 250,000 at the end of the race. The two thus find themselves competing among themselves, are obliged to comply with four strange and obscure rules. In the middle of the race, appears a strange dark rider in the bike that it starts to annoy your competitors; after its appearance, the two know Clara, one of the other eight participants in the challenge with which they will begin to find strange inconsistencies in the race millionaire.

“This film is the first to be shot with twenty action cam GoPro at the same time, many of which are mounted on the same actors, called operattori“: this could actually scare the viewer, who is likely to find himself still on the comfortable armchair of the cinema, with the senses, buffeted by more than 100 minutes of extreme sport, and a constant sense of nausea. Here in the case, instead, the skill of the director and of the editor – that does really a work of superlatives – the fact that the movie was perfectly enjoyable thanks to the better choices and the precise scene-to-use, pulling constantly between the various details of the frantic footage coming from the GoPro with the total or long shots taken from the cameras outside, such as those of surveillance.

From the very first scenes of the film, the viewer finds himself to be a sort of “guardian of the cameras of the Big Brother”, of course, orwellian, not to Mediaset.

With the point of view from inside the computer, look at it as a voyeur greedy every single movement of the screw to the Max, and Kyle: family, bills, problems between husband and wife, partying, sex and gambling. The director Rondinelli assigns to it, then, from the outset, a participatory role to the plot of the film, as if the viewer was another player who participates in the competition. The immersion in the race is then incremented by the graphics that is reminiscent of video games, with little of the tutorial, check-point, with bonuses and penalties, and locations of the opponents constantly updated and can be monitored. A delirious mix of graphics-inspired dark wave, video game and action, which leads to palpitations constants and a merger with 100% of the protagonists. It would be interesting to relive the experience of the Ride inside of a cinema 5D.

Outside of the film, there is an interesting experiment in cross-media, which causes the mega-world of Ride is not limited only to the 110-minute film, but increases the field-of-play of the plot and the setting, ranging also on other media. The history of the character of Clara, the third rider that we encounter in the course of the film, will be in a comic book written by Fabio Guaglione and Adriano Barone, with the drawings of Andrea Broccardo (Marvel comics, Sergio Bonelli Editore); the fearful guardian, however, will have a book dedicated to his adventure with the Black Babylon, written by Adriano Barone and already on sale in bookstores. Operation is definitely necessary, given that the story offers ideas for dozens of other chapters, spin-off and sequel. I wonder if there will be a second chapter...?

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