Ride: 20 cam on two wheels | Interview with Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro


Published on Sep 03, 2018


It runs from the beginning to the end, with the breath and adrenaline levels very high. Get crazy in the halls and Laughs, the film, produced by Lucky Red and Mercurios in collaboration with TimVision, from the 6th of September in all the rooms. An Italian production with a cast mixed, filmed in English and shot on location in the beautiful mountains of Trentino, on the slopes, perfect for exhibitions, on bikes, downhill, tricks, and actors Lorenzo Richelmy (Max) and Kevin Hughes (Kyle).

The film comes from the mind of Fabio Guaglione and Fabio Resinaro, already the directors of the lucky Mine (2016), and the creators of True Love (2012), which rely on the director Jacopo Rondinelli, in the past director of short films of extreme sports. The novelty of the film is the use of many GoPro for a single scene, making the movie itself a unique experience both in the implementation (one phase of assembly to put their hands in their hair) and in use (spectacular actions to the limits of risky, inserted in a story halfway between a battle royale and the Black Mirror). We interviewed the authors Resinaro and Urchin during the roman presentation of the Ride, in the background of a accaldata Villa Borghese.

MF: First of all thanks for the availability. You may define Ride as the “film of the first times, given that it's the first movie with so many action cam but also the first feature film of director Jacopo Rondinelli: why the choice has fallen on him?

FG: we Know, Jacopo da so many years! He has done a lot of video clips that have themes similar to those of the world Laughs: he has made a clip with GoPro and RedBull extreme sports, bikers, motocross, and even with the rapper. We chose him because he was always distinguished for his signature so perfect for the style of Ride and then because, by speaking to us, are come of the ideas that married well with the installation of the film . For example, he is a big fan of Black Mirror: in fact, they note that the film takes a turn from the horror - thriller genre becomes a thriller - sci-fi. In addition, the appearance of a dystopian Black Babylon was for him to bring it within the film.

MF: Why have you chosen to do a film, cross-media, and even venture in the field of comics and literature?

FG: Definitely because it's a movie that, in spite of having a main story, acts in a world that is vast. While there we worked on, we said: "it Would be interesting to throw more light on other areas of the world to Ride, especially because it is aimed at that type of audience that is accustomed by the american films, French and japanese to feed on universes". Then we tried to do in Italy a similar thing and see if it works: our choice of characters is fall on the story of Clara and that of the guardian.

MF: In each scene there are about twenty GoPro cameras, placed in different points of the set, besides that upon the actors or, better, “operattori”. Such models have been used and why you chose not to use a single model?

FR: base, we used the Hero5 and the Hero5 Session. Most of the GoPro cameras were the Hero 5 Black. The model Session the posizionavamo where we could not put the Hero 5, because it was a bit bigger (for example, on the helmet), or where it was ugly to see. One of the shots used is that of the chamber on the chest, which also frames the centre of the handlebar: there, to counter-frame the face, we chose to mount the Hero 5 Session, because of its design aesthetically more suitable. Other room types are the Sony Alpha 7, which became the surveillance cameras and were filming the exterior views.

MF: in Addition to the news of the great number of the action cam used in a film, what was your personal evolution from the previous one True Love to Ride?

FR: let's Start from the premise that True Love is not a found-footage: is not contaminated by parts of the film are told with a room light. It is not a story where the characters are aware of the rooms in the field, but they are the people spied on. You open the windows in this room, where is set True Love on these worlds in which we see them spied on in their past. The approach with the Ride is different: the language used provides the room inserted within the narrative as an object that departs from the narrative itself, where the characters are aware of the cameras.

MF: So the audience is not only spectator but also participant in the race?

FR: Yes, because the idea is to create an immersive experience.

Lorenzo Richelmy (Maximum) during the press preview of the Ride.

MF: THE characters Max and Kyle who they really are?

FG: You could say that both are two characters of the genre, because they represent the classic narrative functions. There is the character of the reluctant (Kyle) that brings with it values which the viewer finds himself to share, and then carry him into the adventure that will not convince at all. From there, we expect to Max the function of push it in the race and make the adventure more enticing.

MF: Given the potential of the narrative structure of the Ride, there will be the chance to see the sequel in the future?

FG: We can say that it depends on the audience, if he wants us, we are ready to give their stories to badilate! We have designed a whole world behind that we would like to explore in the company of the public.


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