Rick Remender and his Spider-man ever made


Published on Mar 30, 2020


As we already told you, the writer and artist Rick Remender, is sharing on social these days quarantine some of its projects are discarded for a variety of publishing houses.

The last time he had surprised much of the fan showing his ideas for the X-Men (HERE if you missed the details), but the author does not intend at all to stop and this time he focuses on the most famous hero of Marvel: Spider-Man.

In this regard, Remender has shared the draft of a story that would be release in 2009, if this had not been rejected by Marvel.

The story in question would be entitled, “Pandora's box”, and it would have been a story arc that would have focused on the origins of Spider-Man, investigating a particular aspect, that is, the machine that has irradiated the spider that bit Peter Parker.

Found a pitch for a Spider-Man arc from 2009. Declined.

— Rick Remender (@Remender) March 24, 2020

In the above narrative arc, the author would have introduced a group of new characters, who would have been subjected to experiments by the same company of the machine, in which they were injected with the DNA from some animals irradiated, including a red ant, a beetle-toxic and a black wasp.

After the company behind the experiments has closed its doors, the men were abandoned locked in their cells, beginning slowly to go mad. Peter li would have only discovered when he created a device that is designed to identify the specific type of radiation contained in his blood.

Of course, this is not the first time that a writer explores certain aspects of the origins of Spider-Man. The cycle of the Michael J. edit] after the character, is one of the most loved by the fans and has introduced brilliantly the mystical component of the powers of Spider-Man.

The idea, according to which the powers of Peter are probably of a mystical nature, and more recently, Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos have introduced in the mythology ragnesca Cindy Moon aka Silk, a girl who has been bitten by the same spider Peter.

In the past, Remender would have had the opportunity to write Spider-Man, but in 2011 he has written for the title of Venom, his run has seen, in fact, Flash Thompson become Agent Venom.

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