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Published on Mar 25, 2016


The Xiaomi MiBand is one of the activity tracker the most popular and acclaimed of recent years. We talk about a product with lots of features at a price quite low. It is one of the best considering the quality / price? We Teeech we tried it for quite a while, and now we present our considerations.

Xiaomi MiBand is a wearable device that helps us to monitor the daily activities and sleep. We have not tried the variant with the sensor of the cardiac integrated, but we focused on the “basic” version, entry-level, intended for the majority of users. With this device to our wrist, we will have available, on our smartphones, all the information related to the steps, the daily activities and to sleep. Good measurement accuracy and excellent functionality that allows us to wake up in the right moment (of course, in the lapse of time predetermined by the user). Pleasant to the touch thanks to the rubber strap, soft and comfortable, thanks to the reduced weight, this activity tracker knows how to turn out to be really an interesting product.

The battery lasts about a month, and allows us to wear it and “forget it” on your wrist for days and days, thanks to the water resistance. The application, available for iOS and Android, and is comfortable and full of details, information and graphics, it synchronizes with the device via Bluetooth and it works so smooth and responsive. Do not miss call alerts on iOS and Android.

The design is minimalist and well-studied, it lacks a display, but remember that this is a fitness band to all the effects. It is very convenient in the feature list through the white LEDS located on the front. Lifting the wrist, as if we were looking at a clock, the MiBand will turn on and show to us one, two, or three leds lit according to the percentage of completion of daily goals. Shame that it's not always the gesture is recognized. You must be careful to make the movement precise.

Even at a distance of time, the Xiaomi MiBand, it remains one of the best alternatives on the market, considering the quality/price ratio. The features are well implemented in the minimal design and nice and are really comfortable during daily use.

The Xiaomi MiBand is available on Amazon at a price of 14,89€ at the time of writing of the article. The price however varies from 13 to about 25-30€ depending on the version chosen. In the box we find the strap, the MiBand and the cable for charging the USB. Look for our full review on the YouTube channel of Teeech.

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