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Published on Jul 18, 2016


With the arrival of summer we are looking for the most practical solutions to bring with us everything necessary when we go out. Can't ever miss your house keys, car keys, wallet, phone, and so on. But if a accessory could combine the two of these features?

Dodocool created the Wallet portable ultra-thin that attaches to the back of the iPhone and allows us to take with us driver's license, credit card, or cash

The Wallet consists of a strip of synthetic leather, very durable, to be applied to the iPhone through an adhesive part on the back. Contains two slots that can be used for the euro banknotes, credit card, or drivers licence.

The slots are very tight and then everything that will be inserted will adhere perfectly to the phone and will never go out without a strong gesture and decided. The footprint will be minimal, and after trying it we can also insure us that the adhesive does not leave residue of any type on your smartphone.

The adhesive of the Wallet can also be removed, washed, left to air dry and then reapplied at a later time on the phone. It is compatible with both iPhone 6/6s that their Plus models, exists in three colours: pink, black, and brown, all three synthetic leather.

Costs 7,99€ but we enable you to save money on the black model through our Coupon “VF3BZHKX” that brings the price to only 4,79€. All you have to do is copy the code, go on Amazon and proceed with the purchase, including the shipping address. On the page dedicated to payment, where shown on the credit card, you will find a section dedicated to discount codes. Paste the Coupon in that field and you'll get off the total to pay. The discount is valid until 22 July.

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