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Published on Oct 30, 2016


After Thor and Apollo Lite, as promised, we return to talk about the young company Vernee, and her latest smartphone. It's called Vernee Mars and in the intentions of the company this smartphone is expected to go past Apple and its iPhone 7. Will he succeed? Let's find out in our review!

Vernee Mars is the third smartphone realized from Vernee and it is also what is probably the most successful in the company. The smartphone is made of aluminum (through a process of anodizing and sand blasting), and into the hand returns a pleasurable feeling, for nothing cheap. The rear shell, and is then slightly curved at the edges in order to improve the general ergonomics of the phone which is really good. But if Mars is holding so well is also thanks to the reduced weight and a look that Vernee would like to emphasize. This is, in fact, according to the company – smartphone from 5.5-inch more “tight” in the trade, and actually it is a pro not to be underestimated. In hand, in fact, Mars will appear to all the effects a common smartphone 5.2” and you will be able to use well with one hand.

On the front of the phone we find the secondary camera, the capsule in the headset and the LED of the notification, as well as the beautiful screen of 5.5 inches which will be discussed next. On the frame we find, at the bottom, the main microphone, the USB input-C and the speaker; at the top is set only the input jack 3.5 mm; on the left we have the input for the dual-SIM (one Nano format and the other in the form of Micro), or for a SIM card and a microSD to expand the 32 GB of built-in memory; on the right side of the smartphone are the volume rocker, the power button, and immediately below this, the biometric sensor. Biometric sensor that worked best on this Mars compared to those fitted on the Thor and Apollo Lite, but unfortunately, the sensor has stopped completely to work during our test of the smartphone. This problem was already happened on Apollo Lite, and had temporarily solved with a restore of the phone to factory settings, but the problem recurred a few days later. On the back of the phone we find, in the meantime, a design of antennas really is a family resemblance with the iPhone 7 is, in fact, is crystal clear. At the top is located the main camera is accompanied by dual-LED flash, while at the bottom we find the logo of the Vernee.

On Vernee Mars, we find a screen 5.5-inch IPS Full HD resolution, protected by Gorilla Glass 3 – which uses the same technology In-Cell present on the iPhone 7, able to give vivid colors (and settable via MiraVision) and to reduce the gap between the glass and the LCD. Very good also the brightness, which also adjusts well in automatic, and the contrasts. Not exactly the perfect angles of vision: in fact, at extreme angles the screen will tend to slightly yellowish. This is also the filter for the blue light, which can be activated from the settings. It has also been improved vibration feedback with respect to those “cheap” Thor and Apollo Lite.

At the hardware level, the phone is driven by a processor Helio P10 octacore 2.3 GHz accompanied by 4 GB of RAM. The performance is very good, and slightly above the category. In daily use, you are experiencing slow and even in the trials of gaming the phone has behaved pretty well. The speaker quality is fair, even if the playback volume reaches levels so high.

At the level of connectivity we find the support to LTE (but lacks the band of 800 Mhz), WiFi a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 4.0 but no NFC, infrared port and FM radio. Good reception and also the audio call, both from the capsule that from the speaker. Good also the microphone, in fact, in our tests, we have never received complaints about the quality of our audio.

At the edge of Vernee Mars there is Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow in version virtually stock. The user experience is pleasant and always fluid. The customization options, however, are limited and you can only change the navigation button. Are not even present all the classical features of the smartphone MediaTek but only the possibility of programming the turning on and off. This, however, also the Turbo download.

We speak now of the cameras, Vernee Mars. Since this is a smartphone with a MediaTek chip, the expectations were not the most optimistic at the start, but Vernee had already been shown to be able to impress with the sensors mounted on the Thor and Apollo Lite. In this case we find a rear camera of 13 megapixel with Sony sensor and it will start equal to f/2.0, accompanied by a dual-LED flash that convinces in the shots in the dark. The front camera is a 5 megapixel camera with sensor Samsung. The quality of the shots is pretty good, provided you have sufficient lighting. In the dark, in fact, the shots of Mars disappoint a bit. Not bad, and the selfie, even if the front camera is a little wide and too “narrow”. This will force us to stretch really as the arm not to cut unintentionally portions of the shot that we are composing. Not bad, not even the video that can be captured at up to 1080p resolution.

The battery Vernee Mars is 3000 mAh and supports quick charge V-Charge that lets you charge a smartphone to 50% in just 30 minutes. The autonomy is good, though not great. You get to have dinner with heavy usage and at the end of the day, with a standard use of the phone.

Good the third? Good the third. But with some reserve, dear Vernee. Your Mars, it has a great screen, performance is more than acceptable, audio, discreet, digital cameras, passable. Unfortunately, however, it will take you behind some of the defects of “historical” that we had noticed on the Thor, on Apollo Lite and now also on Mars. A biometric sensor really insufficient, range, slightly below expectations, connectivity is good but not complete and a software with which you could be daring. But for the moment it's okay and this Mars is certainly the best smartphone produced by Vernee.

If you are interested, you can buy Vernee Mars from GearBest at a price of around 225€. The items will be shipped safely and fast via DHL.

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