Review UltraBag: envelopes protective for iPhone ideal for the summer. In discount with Coupon


Published on Jul 13, 2016


We are now in mid-July, it is summer and protect your smartphone becomes key. UltraBag by CoverStyle® is the envelope waterproof compatible with any smartphone up to 5.5" designed to offer protection versatile and complete against external agents: water, sand, snow, dust, creams, oils, stains and even scratches.

The UltraBag are in fact perfect to use during the summer holidays, for example, in the beach or in the pool! How many of you don't know where to store, safety, and the smartphone when you go to the beach? With the UltraBag you can satisfy your need.

It is also possible to access all the functionality of your smartphone by putting it in an envelope, and thanks to the locking pressure, you will be guaranteed waterproofing while still allowing the use of the touch screen display. You will then be able to take photos, record videos, write, without removing the device from the pouch.

Thanks to the tie for the neck for you to take with you on your smartphone even when you're away from your deck. If you decide to freshen up in the water, sunbathing on a mattress in the middle of the sea or under the shower, the envelope will prevent the phone dry.

With the CoverStyle UltraBag®, you can provide protection to your smartphone without compromising your style: are available in 8 colours, suitable for the summer outfit and are also perfect to give as a gift to friends, girlfriend and so on.

NB: The UltraBag waterproof, and resistant to splashing water, or short falls in the water, but not suitable for diving or snorkelling.

Technical Specifications:


Package contents:

Normally the UltraBag cost 9,99€ but throughout the summer will cost you 6,99€. As always, iSpazio is something more for you, by adding 2€ discount bringing the final price to 4.99€ with free shipping through Amazon for users First. All you have to do to save is to copy the Coupon “DP3RYDYT”, go on Amazon and proceed with the purchase, including the shipping address. On the page dedicated to payment, where shown on the credit card, you will find a section dedicated to discount codes. Paste the Coupon in that field and you'll get off the total to be paid from 6,99€ to 4.99€.

Note: it is possible to buy more pieces in the same order as the Amazon and the Coupon will apply the discount to each piece. For example, if you buy 3 bags, 3 different colors, you will get a discount of 6€.

until August 31, SAVE 2€





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