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Published on Jan 07, 2017


While waiting for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, between which file we can find the powerful Gems of the Infinite, continues to grow despite the many months that separate us from its release, Capcom decided to give a sop to all her fans that want to savor the slaps, the kicks and the superpowers of your brand. So, during the PlayStation Experience that was held about a month ago, comes Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on the PlayStation 4, a complete edition of all the additional content released after the launch and with some aggiustatine techniques that are never wrong.

The Ultimate version of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is an edition including all the content released in time for the original brawler meetings of Capcom. A roster greatly expanded with 12 new characters, 10 new scenarios, and spectator modes. The only way, to tell the truth, to be able to take advantage of the entire package of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, because with the passing of time some of the DLC have been excluded from the PlayStation Store and, therefore, impossible to recover. Within the game, revived on the PS4 without any change, leaving aside the purely technical aspects of a remastering, and then find the same offer of the PS3 version. It starts from the most classic, the arcade Mode, with a series of meetings and ever-increasing difficulty until you get to the villain final: Galactus.

The Devourer of Worlds of home Marvel is progressing with its work of absorption of the Earth and it's up to our heroes to stop the cosmic. The alliance will be formed by characters from the universe Capcom, of Marvel Comics, after the villain on both sides had merged the two realities into one, and by causing the alliance unexpected. There are no limits to our imagination, thus: a team of three fighters formed by Ryu, Hulk, and Thor is not pure imagination. Each different combination of teams will be born also of the particular combination of attacks to use in combat, and here is a key part of the Training mode. Not only for take confidence with the keys, to learn the best attacks and to give santa a reason to the victim and interte rival, but also to figure out which fighter is more suited to you and which role you can help to resolve a few seconds of a battle.

A small problem that is related to the clashes between players, the netcode

Special mention also for the Heroes and Heralds mode, almost role-playing game with cards and strategy plan. The offer of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 you can define finished in this mode, which adds of course to the online sector. Solid, full of challenges, as it was on the previous title, we can only observe a small problem that is related to the clashes between players, and that is the netcode. Not always perfect, perhaps even because of, in certain cases, prehistoric connections, Italian, play online can also be a traumatic experience, easy-to-ragequit, vista, in many cases, the inability to find matches for several minutes. Netcode that was already a big problem on the PS3 in the first version, and that was improved significantly with the release of Ultimate MVC3, but evidently still has some defects. In addition to this, the scarcity of games you can find is surely to be attributed to the amount of players online, which we do not consider very high given the sales were not exceptional.

Perfect for playing solo, without wanting to engage in securities more full-bodied, or enjoy a good challenge between friends, the game offers a huge roster of characters to choose from. Needless to say, however, that, once passed the first few hours of the game, learned your feeling with the pad, and to understand what are the heroes that can give you the most wins, the team is already ready to be formed. Indeed, there is no a balance equal on both sides. A Wolverine of the situation is infinitely more fast, quick and powerful than a Falcon's-Eye any, for one thing. But this, fortunately, does not mean that there will be less to use always the X-Man. Each fighter was equipped with the skills, movements and special moves special. Ghost Rider, for example, through its chain is also skillful in the attack from the distance, as well as Iron Man and his engines. On the contrary, a character like Ryu is perfect to surprise to near the enemy, the action this becomes particularly strategic if we consider that in any moment of the match, we can swap our hero in the field, with a fight always live and evolving.

We come now to the final point of our analysis: the accessibility of the game. The fighting games, particularly those at the meetings such as Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, are considered by many to be a product that is best enjoyed by those who have a wide experience in this field. Despite the several years that I do not put it to the test with a real fighting game “in 2D” (the last one was Injustice: Gods Among Us a couple of years ago), I found it a rewarding experience with Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, if only for the fact that with a little practice and training, the game manages to be fun, especially after you have learned some of the combinations necessary to make moves of high level (or rather, re-learned, as it is not the first time that I have to do with the title, Capcom). If in case you have bought the game, you will be comfortable with the normal commands, you can always choose to switch to something more simplified. Say goodbye to many of the special moves of your fighters favorites, you plan to take the kicks and punches the opponent without too many frills, but in the end even this is a feature to appreciate.

The camera is particularly hateful in certain situations

The game was also, of course, revamped graphically for the occasion. Colors, characters and backgrounds much sharper, the contours more defined, and the 60 frames per second help especially in a game like this. We ship, however, a few words for the camera, which I found particularly odious in certain situations. Forced to follow the movement of a character, especially one who jumps off, the camera ends up make us lose sight of one of the two fighters, instead of enlarging the view. A flaw that could be improved, from the original version.

Remastered, acceptable and appreciated in the complex, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is exactly as we remembered: very good to play together and have fun, and to get angry looking for online users. I abandoned the game after a few hours, I admit. The charm is the same as the game released now several years ago, but I pushed it, although there are characters that I love is from one side or the other of the sides, to remain glued to the screen for many hours. For the first time, however, it is definitely a good fighting game to be recovered, waiting for what will be Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.

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