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Published on Jan 11, 2017


The rugged phone should always be strong, especially in China, but also from us. Designed for an audience that has need of smartphone resistant and ready for the challenges of the most extreme, rugged phones have grown so much in 2016, and also at the beginning of 2017, the trend seems to be the same. Announced and made available to the end of 2016, Ulefone Armor is probably one of the best rugged phone cheap: certified IP-68, drop resistance, and many physical buttons, but also performance and overall quality above expectations. We discover Ulefone Armor in our review published on TEEECH!

We are used to seeing the rugged phones such as the smartphone absolutely lumbering and intended only to resist a little bit of all the evidence. Ulefone Armor is this, but also something more. Let's start with the basics: the design is that of a rugged phone, the massif is not particularly sought after, the frames are really very thick and the thickness is far reduced. However, there are eight physical buttons: the navigation buttons, situated at the bottom (menu, home/multitask, back) the power button, at the top, the volume rocker on the left, and the buttons SOS, and the Camera on the right.

On the front, at the top, we find the secondary camera and the capsule headset; absent, instead, the notification LED. The speaker is on the back, along with the camera with a single LED flash. At the top, near the power button, there is a rubber which, in a lifted position to reveal the jack connector is 3.5 mm and the input microUSB for charging your smartphone.

I have not spoken input to the SIM or the microSD because that is really hidden: on the back of the phone there are several screws, some allow you to remove the back cover, while two – easily recognizable – allow you to access your to the compartment for the microSIM and the microSD allows you to expand (up to 128) 32 GB of memory that are made natively available to the user.

Thanks to this design Ulefone Armor is drop proof and can be submerged in liquids with certification to IP-68. We tested the resistance in the water and even after an immersion of 30 minutes to the drive has not presented problems and continued to function correctly.

Ok, analyzed the aspects which are more classic of a rugged phone, we move on to the real surprises of Ulefone Armor. Let's start from the screen: amazing, even if far from perfect: the diagonal is 4.7 inches and the resolution is HD, but on this dimension it can even pretend to have a Full HD between the hands. Even the good color rendition and contrast, while the brightness is not very high. Very good, instead, the response of the touch screen, absolutely flawless. Good performance, thanks to the chip MT6753 at 1.3 GHz, nothing of that, of course, but on this smartphone, thanks also to the 3 GB of RAM, this processor has behaved really well, doing spin smoothly and slow Ulefone Armor. Even in games the performance returned by the smartphone have been higher than expectations.

Ulefone Armor reserve yet another surprise at the level of connectivity: in spite of a Bluetooth 4.0, the phone offers connectivity of 4G/LTE, wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and, especially, the roll of the drums... the NFC! I never expected the NFC on a rugged phone and smartphones in general, so economical. Really good reception and the audio call, both outgoing and incoming. Very “cheap”, instead, the output of the sound from the speaker.

Another surprise Ulefone Armor is the software, based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and custom in small part by the company. Change the default theme, change the notification center and the center of the toggle and the icons also in the Settings. This the Turbo Download, features, “SOS” that allow us to call, send messages and perform other actions in case of need. And then there's the programming of switching on and off, a typical feature of smartphones, MediaTek.

On the contrary, no surprise, the side cameras, the sensors 13 and 5-megapixel acquire the photos in the media category. However, with good light you can get shots that are acceptable. The situation is not compromised, instead, the video, the details of which do not excellent and that you lose with the progressive decline of the light.

Good, finally the battery: it is a 3.500 mAh battery and provides almost two days of average use. With heavy usage still be able to close a whole day, while with an even more bland on the phone will accompany you very long without a recharge. Rather fast the charging via the power supply included with the smartphone.

Ulefone Armor is perhaps rugged phone-2016, which I appreciated most and is a candidate to be one of the best smartphones of this type also for the beginning of 2017. Not much – only 139,99€ on MyEfox, where we purchased us with shipping fast and safe. It is not only a rugged but Armor is also a good entry level with a surprising level of performance (and with NFC, let's not forget), battery long life and a good screen. On the defects of the classics of the entry level, such as the camera and the design oh yes, you can fly over, especially for a rugged under 150€.

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