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Published on Oct 17, 2016


We have had the opportunity to try, in these days, the new thermometer smart made by Koogeek, a brand of which we had already tested an interesting balance 2.0. It is a product that works really well and which interface seamlessly with the iPhone, through a specific app, and then it also costs very little. Let's find out!

Koogeek is creating a park of accessories dedicated to the health really very interesting. After the balance smart, here comes this useful thermometer smart. Design “playful” and maybe a little bit too big, but it works really well and is meant for adults and also for children.

The thermometer works with AAA batteries (two, included) and includes a cap for the protection of the part of the product that will be used for the monitoring of the temperature and a space in which to insert a strap, if necessary.

The thermometer includes, then, two modes of use: the first allows you to measure the temperature in the “classical way”, by the ear, while the second is designed for babies and allows you to obtain the measurement simply by placing the thermometer on the front. The measurement results more precise (especially the ears) and also really fast: in just 2 seconds to allow the thermometer to show the temperature detected.

The thermometer can “remember”, through the application of Koogeek, up to 30 measurements, recent that are precisely synchronized via Bluetooth between the device itself and the application of Koogeek. In this way, it will be possible to save and monitor the temperature constant.

Another interesting aspect concerns the possibility of measuring the body temperature without any skin contact and to receive a sound notification when the temperature is higher or lower than the maximum and minimum limits are conventionally established.

If you are interested, you can purchase this product at the price of 24,99€ from this page on Amazon. If then you want to match to this product the pressure gauge, always Koogeek and that we are trying to, then the price of the bundle will only be 57,98€.

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