Review – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Published on Dec 06, 2015

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Developer: Sora

Genre: Beat'em Up/Platformer

Players: 1-8 (Offline & Online)

Version tested: Wii U

A name, a guarantee

Super Smash Bros. has always been a reliable guarantee. Starting from his debut on the Nintendo 64, every Nintendo console regularly hosts a new exponent of this particular and frantic Fighting game, and proved to be punctually a mandatory purchase for any fan of the genre and of the Great N.

After touching the apex on the GameCube with the huge Super Smash Bros. Melee, the magic is repeated also on the Wii with the magnificent Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a work that, while not having the same devastating impact of the illustrious predecessor (and making up and also the nose for some fans), allows the series created by Masahiro Sakurai confirmed at the top of the productions Nintendo.
The arrival of the Wii U in 2012, therefore, it will generate a big wait for the inevitable new member of Smash Bros., that will materialize a couple of years later with a double output: the fourth chapter arrives on 3DS, marking the debut of the franchise on the portable consoles.
The piece is still strong, however, the edition for the Wii U which will arrive a month after the release for the 3DS and with more content.
As expected, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U proves to be yet another success in the quality and business of this series, proving to be one of the best releases of all 2014 , to the joy of many fans of the franchise.
However, they should be reported some small steps in the back that do not allow this episode to be put on the same level of the last two chapters: where you stumbled this great work?

Mega Man vs Mario: a clash of the titans

Botte da orbi!

The style of the game remains faithful to the tradition of the series, therefore those who have already had the opportunity to spolpare the previous chapters, you already know what to expect: a Fighting game with elements of Platformer fast-paced and spectacular, where the main purpose will be to eliminate opponents, knocking them out of the scenario; to do this, you will need to exponentially increase the damage gauge the enemy so as to make easier to throw it away and defeat it.
In addition to the classic physical actions combined with special attacks to hurt the opponent, we will be able to use a large amount of objects, in this episode definitely numerous, with numerous additions from more recent titles (for example, you will find several new weapons footage from Kid Icarus: Uprising, or a great novelty is represented by the famous flag of the arcade game signed Namco, capable of giving an extra life). Back Assistants, in large part taken from Brawl, which usually will intervene in our help damaging opponents, or by creating general confusion (see, for example, the dog of Nintendogs that will obscure most of the screen with his nose, cutting off our view of the field of battle).
Fundamental, lastly, the Balls Smash that allow our character to execute his final move from the devastating impact. Although the majority are shots from Brawl, some skills end have been revised or replaced with new moves (see Luigi) in an attempt to make everything more balanced than in the past.
But it is when you play with the tools disabled that the title expresses its full potential by eliminating the possible imbalance caused by some objects and showing his side to the more technical and deep that it silences all those who, superficially, therein Smash Bros. as a Fighting game childish and shallow; on the contrary, at larger levels the work Nintendo requires attention and precision, almost to the millimetre in the movements and in the execution of moves to be mastered properly, the undertaking is not simple data, all of the aspects to keep in mind during the fighting, from the characteristics of the characters to the design of the scenarios. Smash Bros. is a Fighting game that is accessible to all, but requires time and dedication to be fully mastered and appreciated in all its nuances.

An addition interesting to the mechanics is represented by the Equipment, numerous items for every single character (including our Mii) that you will get in the course of each game, completing modes and various lenses. These tools are used to customize the fighters going to change their parameters related to strength, endurance, speed, and more features, making them potentially more powerful than the base versions.
Clearly, you can't abuse these items: we will equip only a handful, and also, in an attempt to make everything as balanced as possible, every single equipment gives advantages and disadvantages to the various parameters, allowing therefore the possibility to “create” a character excelled in every single feature. For example, a tool that exponentially increases our strength but all of this goes to the detriment of speed that drops dramatically; to be able to balance everything, we will have to equip an object that may bring back the speed-based levels, at least, acceptable, without, however, these goes to affect heavily the other parameters.
The equipment proved to an addition in the complex pleasant, and in the fury of collecting these elements will spontaneously exploit them to their advantage, and through different time to customize our heroes in an attempt to make them as efficient as possible; in this way you can also get some precious help in the battles to more difficult (especially in Classic and All-Star Mode), where there will often be from sweat because of the demanding challenge of the proposal.
And speaking of customizations, we can also create our own stage using an editor rather nice and more efficient than the one seen in Brawl: from here you can literally give vent to their imagination and to create new scenarios are as fascinating as they are insidious!

Fighting 8 players are a dele introductions like more of this episode

The Multiplayer is always the best visiting card of every Super Smash Bros., and this chapter is no exception, confirming the explosive and capable of bringing the fun to the peaks that are playing with competitive opponents. This time, also, Nintendo has done things on a large scale, allowing even the challenges up to 8 players instead of the classic 4 of past iterations of the brand, and the good thing is that these battles will be possible not only Online but also Offline, making this title an absolute protagonist of the afternoons/evenings spent in the company of friends.
The combat system, however, remains strongly balance the tradition of the series in spite of these additions. The thing is not necessarily a bad thing, because the system is playful, it still works damn good and, also, in the rhythm of the game will note a rapprochement to the style, more fast-paced and spectacular views of the never too praised Melee; we're not to the levels of the second chapter, but it sure is the fourth Smash Bros. will be more likely to impress those who had not fully appreciated the rhythm of the more reasoned of the Brawl.
On the contrary, the more changes you notice in Game Mode, is the new classic, as we will see shortly.

The characters and scenarios in industrial quantity

The chapter for the Wii U has the most extensive roster of the series, with a whopping 49 playable characters that become 51 considering the variants Mii characters (Swordsman, Fighter, and Gunslinger). All of this without then calculate the various characters added by (or that will be added later through DLC.
Almost all of the characters seen in the previous Game make their return, with some of these retouched for the occasion (like Bowser and Yoshi, have moves unprecedented compared to the past), while there are 15 new entry for this episode, some thick as Rosalinda, Little Mac, Greninja, and Daraen, and then not to forget the historical icons of gaming such as Megaman, Pac-Man and Duck Hunt Dog. At least a dozen of these wrestlers, in addition, it should be unlocked by completing various game modes, or dterminate conditions.


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