Review Snake Pass: think like a snake.

Published on May 01, 2017

Snake Pass, just as the name suggests, tells the story of the snake Noodle and his companion of adventure, Doodle, bird, is very friendly, which helps him to restore order in the universe, a heavenly Haven's Tor. The game is produced by Sumo Digital, is a game of the type “collectathon” (collect and find objects in the setting given).

The task of our friend Noodle is in the wake of the portals in each level, recovering three artifacts that appear at the end of each path during the game you will find other gems to be recovered to make more exciting the adventure. The levels are anything but simple, but of course the difficulties increase with the go ahead of the story: it was structured in such a way as to avoid impossible situations to overcome, thanks also to the practice of the previous levels. Our snake Noodle has talents? No, of course not, the basis of the game is to think like a snake, then crawl, him, climb on walls, structures made of bamboo, mills, presses, turntables, and much more.

As it moves our friend reptile in the house? Like any good snake that respects must zigzag for buy speed: at controller level you have to swing with the left analog stick and hold down the right trigger of the pad. Noodle also has the possibility of raising the head ,using another button, climb, forming the coils and avvinghiarsi structures in order to overcome all the adversity in the environment. At this point, one question naturally arises: what is his friend adventure Doodle? In addition to accompanying the protagonist and explain the story, help you Noodle alzandogli the queue when it is too tight towards a precipice. The latter , through the aid of a key, it will call the friend of his whistling, which soon will fly to his rescue.

What struck us about the game?

First of all we were impressed by the setting, very nice and very well structured, as you can see on the screen. Another great quality of the game are the movements of the snake, the zigzag, and this could make the experience really pleasant to live, very good and then the realization of the physical engine.

What we did not like?

The camera is not the strong point of this games, many of the issues in the action not allowing you to see in the best of ways the danger that you are facing. Another negative point goes to the short duration of the game, only 15 levels.


Snake Pass is a nice play and frustrating at the same time, a challenge with yourself in the complete difficulties that you will find in the settings. The graphics, the music and the movements of your friend, the Noodle are the strong point of this product from Sumo Digital, while the longevity of the game and the camera make you lose points in the game. Downloadable in the Xbox Store by clicking on this link: XBOX ONE

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