Review smartband No. 1 F1: simple, economic, functional


Published on Jan 10, 2017


The smartband is probably the category of technical products wearable the most popular, probably for the price the content and the approach simple and intuitive. No. 1 is a new chinese company which we have already spoken in the past. This time we're going to talk about it to present their new smartband that offers itself as an alternative to the more famous Xiaomi MiBand.

The No. 1 F1 is a smartband really very simple. Mount a software very similar to what we find on other products in the same category and allows you to do exactly what allow you to do other smartband: time and notifications (passive and only for SMS and calls), monitoring heart rate, calories, steps and miles.

The first screen that you will face is that of the “general” with the time, date, battery remaining and possible signal of Bluetooth to bear witness to the connection of the device to a smartphone. The Smartphone, which can be both iOS and Android. For the comment it is necessary to use a specific companion app.

With a tap (and not sliding) on the left side or right side of the OLED screen bicromico we will be able to move in the second section, that of the steps completed. The monitoring of the steps is very precise, even if sometimes “stay back” for a few seconds and then recover all the distance lost.

Accordingly, very precise is also the monitoring of the kilometres completed, either during a walk or during a race.

Rather precise detection of the heart beat, even if for an optimal performance it is recommended that you tighten the smartband on your wrist, but in so doing will be made to the light on one of the sides most negative of this product...

The smartband is very thick and uncomfortable to wear: the strap is in rubber of acceptable quality, but for some reason, the smartband is really annoying on the wrist if close properly (leaving it wide, as suggested, the various monitors will be less accurate). A particular to keep in mind when you consider purchasing a product like this.

The last detail – not just positive – lies in the inability to turn on the smartband by lifting the wrist. The only way to turn on the screen will be then press on the touch screen or, alternatively, use the dedicated power button placed on the right side of the band.

Overall, then, this smartband is a good product, but... there is nothing more (and less) of other smartband absolutely identical and sold at the same price or very similar. A product honest, unpretentious, and inexpensive. Take it for what it is.

You can buy this product on at the price – discounted – 24,99€.

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